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  1. clickables
    ‘Should You Get Back Together?’ Asks Taylor Swift in a Flow ChartLet Kanye help.
  2. most valuable stars
    Vulture’s Choose Your Own Hollywood AdventureMake the career choices an actor is faced with and see if you become one of Hollywood’s most valuable stars.
  3. flowchart
    How to Find Out Whether You Have a Killer Virus or You’re Simply Turning Into a MonsterIt’s like WebMD for people who are either in ‘Contagion’ or ‘The Walking Dead’!
  4. flowchart
    Which of 2011’s Many Onscreen Talking Animals Is Right for You?Is it the ape from ‘Zookeeper,’ the talking dog from ‘Beginners,’ or whatever the Smurfs are?
  5. flow chart
    Which Loud Summer Action Movie Is Right for You?Do you like your heroes drunk and weird or preposterously beefy? What kind of jewelry do they wear? We can help steer you to the right film.
  6. flowchart
    Which Movie Stalker Is Right for You? A FlowchartIn honor of Leighton Meester getting her crazy on in ‘The Roommate.’
  7. flowchart
    Use a Flowchart to Determine If You’re an Evil TwinDo you look like Danny DeVito? Is your first memory one of waking up in a laboratory?