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    Paul McCallion Has a Great Relationship With His Parents, UnfortunatelyTalking tweets with the New York–based writer and performer.
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    Lili Michelle Will Wax Your Mustache If You Wax HersTalking body hair, mafia movies, and tweets with the New York–based comedian.
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    Ashley Glicken Wants to Play Santa in a Christmas Movie“The internet is as ridiculous as it is miraculous and as horrifying as it is sublime.”
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    Diana Chan Is Not a ThousandaireTalking tweets with the Brooklyn-based comedian and writer.
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    Jordan Mendoza Can Have a Little Microdose, As a TreatTalking tweets, TikTok, and getting wrecked on shrooms with the writer and comedian.
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    Alysia Brown Is an NYC 9 and an Indiana 35Talking tweets with the New York–based stand-up comedian.
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    Brandon Follick Thinks Majoring in Biology Was a Grave Mistake“All I have ever wanted to be in life was Liz Lemon, but I didn’t know how.”
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    Maya Deshmukh Is a Prop QueenTalking tweets with the New York–based comedian and dentist.
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    Jon Millstein Had to Face His Skinny-Arm Demons“I love 280-character Twitter and will use every letter because I don’t know how to make short pithy observations that are good.”
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    Liva Pierce, World’s First Queer Gender Studies MinorTalking tweets with the Chicago-based writer and performer.
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    Johnathan Appel Has an Enemy in Anthony ScaramucciTalking tweets with the New York–based comedian.
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    Michelle Davis Strongly Believes That Tater Tots Are a Breakfast FoodTalking tweets, tots, and Beyoncé with the Brooklyn-based comedian and writer.
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    Kate Sisk Has a Great Story About Drawn-On Abs“Sometimes in my stand-up or improv, I try to do jokes that aren’t all gay. I’ve pretty much given that up on Twitter.”
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    Zubi Ahmed Takes 2–3 Business Days to Come Up With a Joke“Social media has definitely helped me be more comfortable with how often I think about death and the world ending.”
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    Amir Khan Doesn’t Worry About Being RelatableTalking with the New York–based comedian about funny tweets and being a full-on dumbass.
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    Tawanda Gona Writes Bits While Listening to Gucci ManeTalking with the comedian about writing jokes and faking his own death.
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    Rachel Joravsky ‘Puts on for Her City,’ So to Speak“I do identify as a queer power Jewess, and I love showing up as such on Twitter.”
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    Kenice Mobley’s Mom Is Genetically BlessedTalking tweets, vulnerability, and Eyes Wide Shut with the New York–based comedian.
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    Sophie Helf Is Sexily Going Through Nicotine Withdrawal“There’s more to my life than just the prosthetics. But I do very much relish a good leg tweet.”
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    Ben Wasserman Is Going to Dental School … Maybe?“If you’re going to be a comedian, then you better be willing to eat, breathe, and sleep comedy. And you better fucking tweet about it too.”
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    Meg Stalter Thinks the Villain From The Mask Is Hot“There is nothing funnier to me than someone really bad who thinks they are the very best.”
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    Brian Bahe Bases His Comedy on His Long, Wide Nipples“I pee about 10 to 15 times a day, which I’ve heard is way too many times a day to pee, but that is my journey.”
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    Melissa Rocha Went to Art School, So She Knows What Art IsTalking tweets with the New York–based stand-up.
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    Brodie Reed’s Favorite Band Is Still Linkin ParkTalking tweets with the L.A.-based comedian and writer.
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    Kate Willett Feels at Home With Intense New Yorkers“No one in New York has ever told me to ‘relax.’ What a relief.”
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    Jamie Hood Loves Her Beautiful Daughter (Who Is a Dog)“I have no intention of doing stand-up, mainly because I love myself.”
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    Nadia Pinder Thinks It Would Be Cool to Be an Ancient Phoenician“I don’t need to be famous to keep telling jokes, but I do need to tell jokes to survive.”
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    Otto Fernandez Thinks Offset Should’ve Been Cast As Blade“If I can turn being not followed into a flex, I’m gonna do it.”
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    Irene Morales’s Therapist Doesn’t Like Her JokesTalking tweets with the New York–based comedian and writer.
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    Arti Gollapudi’s Motivation Is to Get Rich QuickTalking tweets with the Brooklyn-based comedian.
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    Diego Lopez Will Fight Your Child for MoneyTalking tweets with the Brooklyn-based comedian and MMA instructor.
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    Shelby Slauer Saw Thomas Jefferson’s BonesTalking tweets with the Brooklyn-based writer and comedian.
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    Josh Nasser Wants the Chance to Do Insane Things in PublicTalking tweets with the Brooklyn-based writer and comedian.
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    Alise Morales Has Not Been Using Her College DegreeTalking tweets, weed, and MySpace with the Brooklyn-based comedian.
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    Jay Jurden Uses His Southernness As a BufferTalking with the comedian about writing funny tweets and the alt-milk scene.
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    Jenny Nelson Wants to Leave You With an Abiding Gentle DiscomfortTalking tweets with the Brooklyn-based comedian.
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    Yedoye Travis Is Loudly Nigerian, and That’s RedundantTalking tweets, stand-up, and hair braiding with the Atlanta native.
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    Andrés Govea Wants to Remake Charlie’s Angels 2, But Worse“Being gay is absolutely the funniest thing you can do/be.”
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    Natasha Vaynblat Doesn’t Know Any Skrillex Fans IRLTalking tweets with the New York–based stand-up and improviser.
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    Rachel Kaly Can’t Wait to Get Canceled“Right now I’m really into personal-injury attorneys, Mario Batali, and being gay.”
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    Gaya Rajagopalan Should Probably Get Lasik Eye SurgeryTalking tweets with the New York-based actor and comedian.
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    Abby Barr Is Still Waiting to Hear Back From Rami MalekTalking tweets with the New York–based comedian.
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    Ethan Beach Is Weird, But It’s Not Canada’s Fault“I get off on confusing people in strange and meaningless ways.”
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    Sammi Skolmoski Isn’t Crazy About SpaghettiTalking tweets with the Chicago-based artist and writer.
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    Ariel Leaty Has New Jersey’s Best HairTalking with the New Jersey-based comedian about tweets, hair routines, and being a local celebrity.
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    Kelley Quinn Needs to Be on the L Word RebootTalking tweets with the Brooklyn-based comedian.
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    Raghav Mehta Is Not the ACLUThe comedian told us last week that he likes the New York comedy scene because it’s “constantly humbling you.”
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    Jourdain Searles Wants to Normalize Black Girl Angst“Where are my 700 indie films with black girls looking sad, smoking, and staring out the window? I will star in all of them.”
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    Milly Tamarez Is a Textbook ExtrovertTalking tweets with the Brooklyn-based stand-up and writer.
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    Brennan Murphy’s Videos Are Comedy SorceryTalking with the comedian about his very short, and very funny, videos.
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