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    Mic Nguyen Loves the Obscure and LudicrousTalking tweets with the Brooklyn-based writer and comedian.
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    Shea Strauss Uses Drawing As TherapyTalking shop with the Brooklyn-based writer and illustrator.
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    Stop What You’re Doing and Follow Peter KimTalking tweets with the Los Angeles–based writer, actor, and comedian.
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    Fareeha Khan Is the Basketball Legend of TwitterTalking tweets with the New York–based comedian.
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    George Civeris Doesn’t Want Your ‘Positive Vibes’Talking Twitter with the Brooklyn-based comedian.
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    Rebecca O’Neal Uses Twitter to Diagram Her JokesTalking tweets with the Brooklyn-based writer and comedian.
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    Rachel Pegram Loves Commenting on LifeTalking tweets with the Brooklyn-based comedian, writer, actor, and singer.
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    Alex Song Wants Less Evil and More Cute Videos, PleaseTalking Twitter with the Brooklyn-based writer, actor, and comedian.
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    Youngmi Mayer on Making Memes About Her Own WorldTalking Twitter with the New York–based stand-up and mother.
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    Ginny Hogan’s Tweets Are an Accurate Reflection of Her MindTalking Twitter with the New York–based stand-up and writer.
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    Fumi Abe Is Indie by DefaultTalking Twitter with the New York–based stand-up and podcast host.
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    Lisa Franklin on Expressing Her Most Irrational Thoughts in Ant FormIntroducing My Two Lesbian Ants.
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    Follow Asher Perlman for Instagram Cartoons!Chatting jokes and cartoons with the Brooklyn-based comedian and writer.
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    Brian Park Wants to Distract You From Instagram ModelsTalking with the New York–based comedian about his very funny Instagram videos.
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    Shana Gohd Likes to Keep the Bots AroundTalking tweets with the Los Angeles–based comedy writer.
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    Zach Dunn Doesn’t Want You to Think He’s WeirdTalking tweets with the Los Angeles–based comedy writer.
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    Laura LeeLun on Tweeting About Ice Cream, the News, and e.e. cummingsTalking tweets with the Chicago-based comedy writer.
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    Farah Brook on Tweeting With AnxietyTalkin’ tweets with the New York–based comedian.
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    Brantley Brice Wishes All His Tweets Were Fictional“If a joke isn’t working on Twitter, it’s garbage!”
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    Mo Fry Pasic Genuinely Loves MorningsLooking for someone follow to funny on Instagram? Here you go.
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    Follow Catherine Cohen While You’re Young!If you don’t follow her yet, you’re in for a treat.
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    Dewayne Perkins on Being Relevant Always and ForeverTalking tweets with the comedian and The Break With Michelle Wolf writer.
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    Yaari Tal on Finding Comedy Within His FeelingsTalking tweets with the Brooklyn-based comedian.
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    Moss Perricone’s Tweets Are Onetime OnlyTalking tweets with the New York–based comedian.
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    Sara Wren on Using Twitter to Practice Writing JokesTalkin’ tweets with the Canadian stand-up.
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    Eva Victor Isn’t Scary, So Don’t Be Scared of Her, Okay?Talkin’ tweets with the comedian and Reductress writer.
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    Charlie Bardey on Stocks and Syntax Jokes“The amazing thing about having your greatest heroes follow you on Twitter is that you inevitably will disappoint them, which I love.”
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    Rachel Van Nes on Writers’ Brains and Low-Stakes Social RejectionTalkin’ tweets with Rachel Van Nes.
  29. Alyssa Limperis and Newfound Twitter FameTalking with Alyssa Limperis about Twitter and making videos with her mom.
  30. @Arianna_Durnell’s Target Audience Is “Absolutely No One” (But Follow Her […]Arianna Durnell (@arianna_durnell) is a New York-based comedian whose writing has been published on McSweeney’s, Reductress,Women In Comedy […]
  31. Wendy Steiner (@wendyasteiner) Likes Bagels and ConfidenceWendy Steiner is a Brooklyn-based Jewish-Japanese comic. While the Los Angeles suburbs raised her, living in San Francisco and New York really […]
  32. Richelle Meiss (@reeshmeese) on How Nothing Is Too Private for TwitterRichelle Meiss is an actor, comic, and writer in Los Angeles. You might have seen her in commercials for Heineken, Kohl’s, eBay, and more. […]
  33. Peter Kelly (@PeterKelly25) Is on Twitter for the Immediate ValidationPeter Kelly is a writer, director, and producer based in New York City. He currently works at The Opposition with Jordan Klepper on Comedy […]
  34. Caitlin Kunkel (@KunkelTron) on Tweeting Lots of Tiny ObservationsCaitlin Kunkel is a comedy writer and satirist who lives in Brooklyn. She created and teaches the Online Satire program for The Second City and […]
  35. @AyoEdebiri on Everyday Absurdity and Cool TeensAyo Edebiri is a Boston-born, Brooklyn-based comedian and writer. She wasn’t good enough for the Celtics but is making this comedy thing work. […]
  36. Dan Lee (@danleeok) on Tweeting as Characters That Speak Just a Little Too […]Dan Lee is an actor, writer, and comedian based in New York City. At the UCB Theatre he improvises on Harold Night and co-hosts the hit variety […]
  37. @MarciaBelsky on ‘Headless Women of Hollywood’ and Calling Out Sexism […]Marcia Belsky is a formidable, feminist force. You may recognize her work online in fighting Facebook’s institutional sexism or the Headless […]
  38. Lorelei Ramirez (@PileOfTears) on the Absurdity of Twitter and Spilling […]Lorelei Ramirez is an artist, comedian, performer, filmmaker, and writer based in Brooklyn, New York. She hosts a monthly variety show called […]
  39. Larry Owens (@larryowenslive) Is Searching for a Twitter BaeLarry Owens is a multi-hyphenate millennial living on Manhattan’s Upper West Side. He’s an actor, writer, singer, and comedian currently […]
  40. Rachel Jane Andelman (@rajandelman) and “Thought Angels” on TwitterRachel Jane Andelman is a writer, performer, and coach living in the Boston area. You can visit her website here, read her here, and watch her […]
  41. Riane Konc (@theillustrious) Is Going Viral on TwitterRiane Konc is a Midwest-based writer who contributes frequently to The New Yorker and occasionally to Reductress, McSweeney’s, The New York […]
  42. @Rachel_Sennott on Being Personal, Snarky, and Wanting to Be LikedRachel Sennott is a New York-based comedian, actor, and writer. She can be seen on HBO’s High Maintenance and in Shiva Baby, a film premiering […]
  43. Sarah Hutto (@huttopian) on High School Prom, Pending Patents, and […]Sarah Hutto’s work has run in The New Yorker, The Washington Post, and The New York Times. On Twitter she is @huttopian, where she advocates […]
  44. @Ben_Rosen on Tweeting with Comic Strip IdeasBen Rosen is a writer and cartoonist in Los Angeles who has contributed to The Onion, BuzzFeed, and McSweeney’s. In 2015 he wrote and directed […]
  45. Mike Ross (@MCRossIsNotAPun) on Raccoons, US History, and Minnesotan MomsMike Ross (@MCRossIsNotaPun) is a soon-to-be-published writer of comedy and young adult fiction living in New York City. You can currently find […]
  46. Grace Perry (@perryjetaime) on Evergreen Tweets and Niche Lesbian JokesGrace Perry is a Chicago-based writer. She covers comedy and city life for Time Out Chicago and writes jokes for Reductress and The Onion. […]
  47. John Sabine (@jsabine214) on Chip Cards, Grammar, and Dialogue JokesJohn Sabine is a writer and performer in Chicago. He is a freelance contributor for Onion Labs and you can see him perform with The Second […]
  48. @BizzyCoy & Funny Twitter PollsBizzy Coy is a humor writer and copywriter who ditched the mean streets of NYC for the mean bears of the Catskills. She lives and writes in her […]
  49. Samantha Ruddy (@samlymatters) on Joking from a Good-Natured PlaceSamantha Ruddy (@samlymatters) is a comedian based out of New York City. She’s performed at comedy festivals like Bridgetown, San Francisco […]
  50. Adam Rotstein (@madamepotstein) and Alt Comedy on TwitterAdam Rotstein is a comedy writer who lives in Los Angeles. He spent two years living in Brooklyn and was legally obligated to move to Los […]
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