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    What to Expect From Hannah Gadsby’s New Show, DouglasHer meta-comedy is still very meta, and it’s still working beautifully.
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    We Finally Know How Patti LaBelle Feels About Aretha Franklin’s RetirementInspired by Vulture’s deep and important journalism, the Kansas City Star asked LaBelle how she feels.
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    Ricky Gervais Is Making a Big-Screen Follow-up to the U.K. OfficeAbout David Brent pursuing his dream of becoming a rock star.
  4. Rumors of Ragtime’s Demise Were Pretty Much Right on TargetFinal curtain drops on Sunday.
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    Danny Boyle’s Next Movie: The Arm-Chopping Mountain Climber Story?Will his ‘Slumdog’ follow-up be his movie on Aron Ralston, the mountain climber who cut off his arm after it got stuck under a boulder?
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    Johnny Depp Headed Back to the PoorhouseApparently that rumor about Depp’s $50 million paycheck is false.