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  1. music
    Foo Fighters Are Classic Rock NowAnd there’s nothing wrong with that.
  2. Another Grammys, Another Year of Confusing Rock NominationsIt’s getting harder and harder to define what rock is supposed to be.
  3. Carpool Karaoke: James Corden Air-Drums His Way Into a Foo Fighters Audition“Keep your hands on the wheel, man!”
  4. Foo Fighters’ Concrete and Gold Is Resistance Rock, But Is it Good?The sound, though always executed with great competence, is intentionally and collectively haphazard.
  5. Foo Fighters’ ‘The Line’ Is Predictable, But That Doesn’t Mean It’s BadThe Foo Fighters are one of the most reliable rock bands we’ve got, and their new single doesn’t change that.
  6. foo fighters
    Watch the Foo Fighters Debut Another New Song, This Time in ParisDave Grohl is pretty electric in this clip.
  7. album watch
    Foo Fighters Announce New Album and a Whole Dang Music FestivalThere was no hiatus after all.
  8. songs of the week
    12 Best New Songs of the Week: Lorde, Halsey, Arcade Fire, Foo Fighters, MoreBy embracing the radio pop she might’ve once avoided, Lorde made one of her best songs yet.
  9. videology
    Foo Fighters’ New Video Presents the Lie That They’re Ever Going to AgeShould the band ever meet their twilight years, they would almost certainly tear the roof off of a retirement home.
  10. reunions
    Foo Fighters to Finally Headline Glastonbury – Sans Broken LegProtect Dave Grohl’s legs at all costs.
  11. categories
    The Foo Fighters Were a Whole Jeopardy! Category Last NightOur heroes.
  12. roll clip!
    Here’s What the Foo Fighters Have to Say About Those Breakup RumorsNick Lachey alert.
  13. hiatus
    The Foo Fighters Are Just on HiatusNever let go, Dave.
  14. hiatus
    The Foo Fighters Are on a Break (or Possibly Finished)“We don’t have any shows after this,” Dave Grohl said. “This is it, man.”
  15. foo fighters
    Check Out a Diagram of Dave Grohl’s 2000 Foo Fighters Stage SetupDude’s plugged in.
  16. kristen wiig
    Kristen Wiig, ‘I Love Rock and Roll’And where were you Saturday night?
  17. snl sketch predictor
    What Will Happen When Mick Jagger Hosts SNL?Let’s wildly speculate one last time before SNL takes the summer off.
  18. snl
    Foo Fighters, Arcade Fire Head to Saturday Night LiveTo lend support to Mick Jagger.
  19. non beefs
    For the Record, Dave Grohl Really Loves Skrillex“I love ALL kinds of music.”
  20. feeling old
    Paul McCartney Defends Fellow OldsOn younger musicians: “If they’re better than me, they’ll beat me.”
  21. infographics
    The Grammy Nominees for Best Record and Album, As InfographicsMaking the Grammys more fun with pie charts. 
  22. science
    The Foo Fighters Have Literal Earth-Shaking Powers“Similar to a volcanic tremor.”
  23. courtney love
    Watch Courtney Love Go Ballistic on a Fan Holding a Picture of Kurt Cobain (Language NSFW)Courtney Love hates when you hold up pictures of Kurt Cobain. She also might hate Dave Grohl, too?
  24. out on the weekend
    This Weekend’s Concerts, From Britney Spears to ColdplayPlus: other bands!
  25. clickables
    Play the ‘Catering Don’ts’ Word Hunt From the Foo Fighters’ Tour RiderFrom the “Field Guide to Food Coloring Book and Activity Pages.”
  26. out on the weekend
    This Weekend’s Concerts, From My Morning Jacket to Waka Flocka FlamePlus: Drake, Arrested Development, Foo Fighters …
  27. clickables
    Watch the Foo Fighters Rock Out in Some Guy’s GarageLive from the Pizza Man’s house.
  28. overnights
    Saturday Night Live Recap: Helen Mirren’s Raunchy Eleanor Roosevelt; Andy Samberg’s Nebbishy ‘Mort Feingold’You could have seen those impressions coming.
  29. clickables
    Stream the Entire New Foo Fighters Album, Wasting LightIt’s out April 12.
  30. beef
    Dave Grohl on Glee Creator Ryan Murphy: ‘F-ck That Guy’“It’s just like, ‘Dude, maybe not everyone loves “Glee.”’ Me included.”
  31. clickables
    Hear the Foo Fighters’ New Single, ‘Rope’’Wasting Light’ is due in April.
  32. vidding
    The Best Fan Vids of 2008Cult-hero fan vidder Luminosity picks the best fan vids of the year.
  33. right-click
    Beck Is Just Terrible at SurprisesPlus: New music from Weezer and Nas!
  34. last night's gig
    Dave Grohl Doesn’t Appreciate Your Hipster MustacheDave Grohl enjoys a good mustache. “Not the fuckin’ ironic mustache,” though.
  35. kudos
    Who Will Be This Year’s Most Inexplicable Grammy Winners?Fergie, for sure — but who else?
  36. right-click
    New Moby Songs Not As Bad As We Anticipated!Plus: Stereophonics!
  37. kudos
    Grammy Nominations Announced: Chris Daughtry and The Boss Having, Like, the Worst Day EverHis self-titled debut record may be one of the only music-business success stories this year, but members of the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences just couldn’t bring themselves to nominate Chris Daughtry for Album of the Year today.
  38. right-click
    Pete Doherty Doesn’t Understand Irony EitherPlus: Music from Radiohead and Sondre Lerche!
  39. right-click
    Eminem Returns for Some Reason!Plus: Tegan and Sara cover Rihanna!
  40. last night's gig
    Foo Fighters Get in ShapeWith a new album out next week and a tour inevitably to follow, the band treated the gig as a spring training of sorts. The result? Pretty damn great.
  41. right-click
    Foo Fighters Rock Out, Mock EmoRIP Bobby Byrd.
  42. right-click
    Pete Doherty Makes Britney Spears Look BadFoo Fighters, Bruce Springsteen, and more!
  43. leak of the week
    New Foo Fighters Album Leaks — Commence RockingHere at Vulture, we’ll pretty much get onboard with anything and everything that Dave Grohl does — he’s funny, he’s talented, and he’s handsome enough to make us forget that the last Foo Fighters single we liked was “Monkey Wrench” ten years ago.
  44. right-click
    Tupac Shows Up 50 Cent From Beyond the GraveFoo Fighters, PJ Harvey, and more!
  45. ranters and ravers
    For Ian McEwan’s Wordy Critics, Shorter Is Better