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  1. food tv
    You’re Invited to Questlove’s Potluck, But Sadly You Have to Eat Your Own FoodFeast your prying eyes on the home kitchens of Hannibal Buress, Zooey Deschanel and Jonathan Scott, Patti LaBelle, and more.
  2. last night on late night
    SNL Won’t Go on the Chopping Block for This Bizarre Chopped ParodyIn this week’s mystery basket? Loose sugar and horse penis.
  3. exclusive
    The Greatest Defense of Guy Fieri You’ll Ever HearWhat if Guy Fieri is good? A comedian explains.
  4. cooking up the competition
    Iron Chef America Is Coming Back; Yes, It Was GoneAlton Brown will return as host.
  5. bam
    How Food Network Created and Lost FoodiesAnd why this food-obsessed writer eventually came back, learning to love Diners, Dives and Drive-Ins for what it is.
  6. clickables
    See Sandra Lee in Seven Different Halloween CostumesThe Mad Hatter look is a bit much.
  7. cancellations
    Ace of Cakes Is CanceledThe last season will begin in January.
  8. the future is coming
    AT&T and the Food Network Call A TruceThis time, 2.7 million Americans were forced to go three days without Rachael Ray.
  9. what's cooking
    Food Network Creates Grittier Counterpart, the Cooking ChannelAnd by gritty, we mean, wringing chicken necks!
  10. resolutions
    Cablevision and Scripps Resolve Their IssuesWelcome back Food Network.
  11. beefs
    Cablevision Subscribers Can’t Watch Food NetworkWhere’s John Kerry when you need him?
  12. the industry
    Anne Hathaway and Neil Patrick Harris Headed to RioPlus: Sex! Chefs! Soap-opera stars!