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For Your Consideration

  1. the gold rush
    Vulture Staff For Your ConsiderationsOscar voting is happening now, and these films and performances shouldn’t be ignored — no matter how long of a shot they are.
  2. emmy insider
    Adam Ruins ‘For Your Consideration’ Emmy Campaigns“You’re sitting there going, I made a really good show. Isn’t that enough? And it’s actually not.”
  3. the vulture transcript
    Fred Willard Took Us Through His Career in the Most Delightfully Willardian WayThe late actor shared stories about the Christopher Guest movies, Salem’s Lot, and mistakenly turning down Airplane!
  4. grammys 2020
    For Your Consideration: Maggie Rogers, Grammys Best New Artist UnderdogWilliam Eyelash Curler will almost certainly win Best New Artist, but I must pick up my pen to celebrate the worthiness of another nominee.
  5. for your consideration
    Meanwhile, The Good Fight Put Twerking Roy Cohn in Its Schoolhouse Rock CartoonsFrom Russian trolls to Nazi frogs, The Good Fight is tackling politics with goofy musical interludes.
  6. for your consideration
    Netflix Is Starting a Print Journal to Promote Its ProgrammingIt is tentatively titled Wide.
  7. for your consideration
    Please Nominate The Leftovers for Every Emmy So We Can See Justin Theroux NakedThis is the best For Your Consideration ad in TV history.
  8. for your consideration
    Lindsay Lohan Wants to Steal Your Phone for Her Anti-Social Network Prank ShowLohan hosts a prank show where she takes over brave contestant’s social-media accounts.
  9. oscars
    Selma Was Robbed, and Other Unforgivable Oscar CrimesDavid Oyelowo gave the best male performance of the year.
  10. for your consideration
    See Mad Men’s Vintage ‘For Your Consideration’ Emmy AdsBlondes have more fun. But redheads get nods.
  11. for your consideration
    From ‘Best Jacket’ to ‘Not Worst Movie,’ Eight Spoofs of ‘For Your Consideration’ AdsBest Orangutan! Chest Actor!
  12. Jackass 3D Guns For an OscarIn the season of self-serious For Your Consideration ads for self-serious movies, you’ve gotta love this tongue-in-cheek one for Jackass 3D. I […]
  13. kudos
    For Your Consideration: Imelda Staunton in ‘Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix’ for Best Supporting ActressWe’re a little surprised that Warner Bros. hasn’t made a more concerted Oscar push for this previous Academy Award nominee.
  14. kudos
    For Your Consideration: ‘The Host’ for Best PictureBy far, the year’s most apt and coherent metaphor for the war on terror.
  15. kudos
    For Your Consideration: Marketa Irglova of ‘Once’ for Best ActressWhen was the last time Keira Knightley had to convince as a love interest in the shackles of an unflattering haircut and a body-thwarting wardrobe?
  16. kudos
    For Your Consideration: Kurt Russell of ‘Death Proof’ for Best ActorYes, yes, the Oscars ignore comedy and horror films. But they also perpetrate a much less-discussed and more-insidious bias against people eating nachos.
  17. kudos
    For Your Consideration: Robert Downey Jr. of ‘Zodiac’ for Best Supporting ActorIt’d be a particular shame if in its callow neglect of this film the Academy (and any other organization that has yet to vote) ignored the marvelous work of Robert Downey Jr. as newspaper reporter Paul Avery.
  18. kudos
    For Your Consideration: Alan Tudyk of ‘Death at a Funeral’ for Best Supporting ActorIt’s quite possible that you never made it to Death at a Funeral this summer — which is a shame, because that’d mean you missed Alan Tudyk’s tour de force performance as a naked guy on a roof!
  19. kudos
    For Your Consideration: Paul Greengrass of ‘The Bourne Ultimatum’ for Best DirectorFrom now until the Oscar nominations are announced on January 22, Vulture will be highlighting some of 2007’s greatest, sure-to-be-overlooked performances.
  20. kudos
    For Your Consideration: Edgar Wright of ‘Hot Fuzz’ for Best DirectorOnly Wright gets the secret of great parody: Don’t hate the thing you’re making fun of – love it.
  21. kudos
    For Your Consideration: McLovin for Best Supporting ActorLooking back on the totality of the year’s cinematic crop, was there a single more memorable, more endearing film character than Christopher Mintz-Plasse’s McLovin?