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    Sinbad’s Lost Shazaam Movie Found Just in Time for April Fools’ DayThe internet believed so hard it came true.
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    Found-Footage Movies Are in a Rut. Can the Genre Be Saved?It’s the aesthetic of our time, so why can’t anyone do anything interesting with it?
  3. suggestions
    Found-Footage Movies Are Getting Tired — Here Are 5 Ways to Keep the Genre FreshHow about casting some well-known actors?
  4. found footage
    Footage Emerges From Jerry Lewis’s Lost Holocaust Clown FilmThe infamous Day the Clown Cried.
  5. horror movies
    A Paranormal Activity 4 Breakdown for the Horror PuristsHow does it meet your horror-flick needs?
  6. horror movies
    A Sinister Breakdown for the Horror PuristsHow does it meet your horror-flick needs?
  7. Everything Is Terrible Guys Explain How They Find Everything TerribleHave you ever wondered where the found footage finders find their found footage? The Everything Is Terrible guys are back from tour and […]
  8. Oh, A Project X Sequel Is HappeningWhat is up with all the sequels? Project X only just opened last weekend and already there’s a treatment being written for a follow-up. Doesn’t […]
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    Beware the Glut of ‘Found Footage’ Movies in 2012The Devil Inside’s big success is a bellwether for the year.
  10. Found Footage’s Rent-A-Friend Badly Needs to Take a Look Around Your Place Look, I know what Sam says in Found Footage’s Rent-A-Friend video, but I’m pretty sure whatever he’s taking a look at, it ain’t your apartment […]
  11. Bathing Suit Contest!, or the Inherent Comedy of the Human Sexual Response Like a sculptor carves a piece of marble to find the statue hidden within, so too has Found Footage edited a bathing suit contest to be […]