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  1. christina milian
    Christina Milian Will Dip It Low, Bring It Up Slow in Starz’s Step Up SeriesShe’s taking over the role originated by Naya Rivera.
  2. ww8more
    Warner Bros. and Patty Jenkins Fast-Track Development on Wonder Woman 3Gal Gadot and Patty Jenkins will return to give us more Wonder Woman.
  3. reality tv
    So You’re Ready to Explore the World of 90 Day Fiancé …The hit franchise is addictive and ever-expanding, and to keep up, you must choose a path. Allow us to guide the way.
  4. movies
    Fast & Furious Franchise to Drive Into the Sunset After Two More FilmsJustin Lin will likely direct.
  5. franchises
    How 90 Day Fiancé Became a Reality-TV EmpireSix years in, a once modestly successful reality show has evolved into what TLC president Howard Lee calls “our version of a Marvel Comics Universe.”
  6. $$$$
    Frozen 2 Thawed a Whole Lot of Money This Weekend$350.2 million to be precise.
  7. game of disses
    George R.R. Martin Thinks You’re Idiots for Believing He’s Hiding His Books“It seems absurd to me that I need to state this.”
  8. the industry
    Call Up Andy Samberg: Another Narnia Film Is HappeningThe Silver Chair is next up.
  9. the industry
    Lionsgate Making Chinese Now You See Me SpinoffShot in China with a mostly Chinese cast.
  10. james bond
    Kristen Stewart Wants to See a Female James BondA older male Bond, she said, “is getting a little stale.”
  11. the industry
    Die Hard 6 Will Be John McClane’s Origin StoryThe next film in the series will be set in 1979.
  12. franchises
    Sony Plans New Spider-Man Movie Every YearWith a great franchise, comes great responsibility to make movies.
  13. release dates
    You Only Have to Wait 2 More Years for Mad Max: Fury RoadIt will come out on 5/15/15, to be exact.
  14. franchises
    Paranormal Activity Producer Finally Gets a Chance to DirectThis will be Gregory Plotkin’s directorial debut.
  15. franchises
    A Fifth Bourne Film Is in the WorksIt will focus on Jeremy Renner’s Aaron Cross, not Matt Damon’s Jason Bourne.
  16. franchises
    Paranormal Activity May Break Annual Sequel StreakParamount’s thinking of delaying PA5.
  17. star wars episode 7
    Star Wars to Maintain Its Special Relationship With the U.K. As with portions of the previous six films, Episode VII will be shot in Britain. 
  18. franchises
    Tom Cruise Is Doing Mission: Impossible 5Jack Reacher’s Christopher McQuarrie is rumored to direct.
  19. man and superman
    The Downward Spiral of Die Hard’s John McClane From Everyman to SupermanFor our macho movie hero, dying hasn’t just become hard — it’s become impossible.
  20. franchises
    UPDATE: Zack Snyder Preps Star Wars FilmIt was to be a Jedi tale based on Seven Samurai that may be set outside of Episodes VII through IX.
  21. franchises
    Disney Moves Forward With Third Tron MovieBlue enthusiasts rejoice!
  22. franchises
    Kevin Costner Just Gonna Engineer His Own Adventure FranchiseIt couldn’t be easier. 
  23. franchises
    James Cameron Says Avatar 4 Will Be a PrequelIt’s the “logical thing to do.”
  24. franchises
    Joss Whedon Will Return for the Avengers SequelHe’s signed to write and direct.
  25. franchises
    John Cameron Mitchell Working on Hedwig Sequel!!!
  26. franchises
    The Hobbit May Get a Third FilmNegotiations are ongoing to bring everyone back for yet one more movie.
  27. franchises
    Despicable Me Minions Getting Their Own MovieInsert adorable nonsense speak here.
  28. franchises
    Sigourney Weaver Claims Three More Avatar Sequels Are ComingAnd they might all shoot at the same time.
  29. franchises
    When Vulture Revisited the American Pie FranchiseWe’ve got heavy-duty coverage of all the sequels, even the direct-to-video ones.