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Francis Ford Coppola

  1. married to the mob
    Madone! The Godfather Part III Is Getting Rereleased in TheatersThis newly edited version will be called Mario Puzo’s THE GODFATHER, Coda: The Death of Michael Corleone.
  2. robert evans
    The Astoundingly True Story of The Cotton Club, a Movie That Wouldn’t DieIn honor of the life of legendary producer Robert Evans, we’re revisiting the film that almost made him lose his tan.
  3. director's cut
    Okay, Fine, Let’s Talk About MarvelWhat are Martin Scorsese and the Justice League of Aging Auteurs really rebelling against?
  4. on cinema
    Francis Ford Coppola Joins the Anti-Marvel Film ClubRight on cue, a Marvel director responds.
  5. tribeca film festival 2019
    Francis Ford Coppola Still Remembers When You Clowns Mocked Apocalypse Now“I was very, very frightened and very depressed.”
  6. Every Francis Ford Coppola Movie, RankedWe ranked every Francis Ford Coppola movie, including The Godfather, Finian’s Rainbow, Apocalypse Now, and, er, Jack.
  7. tribeca film festival 2017
    What We Learned From the Tribeca Film Festival’s Epic Godfather ReunionThe whole gang was there. (Even Marlon Brando, in a sense.)
  8. HBO Developing Movie About Making The GodfatherIn 1994, Coppola described the experience making the film as “nightmarish.”
  9. a rare post on gaming
    Apocalypse Now Might Get Its Own Video GameThe developers want to make an “horror experience” instead of a first-person shooter.
  10. a book you can't refuse
    Coppola to Publish His Godfather NotesAll 720 pages.
  11. best of lists
    The DGA’s Best Film List Has One Female DirectorAnd all the Steven Spielberg your movie-lovin’ eyes can handle.
  12. star wars
    Francis Ford Coppola Calls Star Wars ‘A Pity’Friend wars.
  13. odd pairings
    Francis Ford Coppola Loves R. Kelly’s ‘Trapped in the Closet’He watched it and sat “in silence for 10 minutes and then said, ‘This is incredible.’”
  14. The Weirdest Episode of the Weirdest Season of ‘Saturday Night Live’Every few years or so, between its now clearly delineated epochs or eras, Saturday Night Live has a “growth year” or “building period” or […]
  15. toronto film festival
    Toronto Film Reviews: Whit Stillman’s Damsels in Distress, Francis Ford Coppola’s Twixt, and ButterStillman is back with his first movie in thirteen years.
  16. wtf
    Francis Ford Coppola Collaborating With … Dan Deacon?Whaaa?
  17. movies
    Francis Ford Coppola Making Val Kilmer ThrillerNo, it’s not a sequel to ‘The Doors’ where Jim Morrison comes back from the dead.
  18. awards
    Coppola, Godard, Wallach Get Honorary OscarsCongrats to them.
  19. hindsight
    Francis Ford Coppola Wanted Martin Scorsese to Direct Godfather IIWe’re pretty glad this never came to fruition.
  20. quote machine
    Redman Plagued by Too Many Babies, Not Enough Royalty ChecksPlus: Luis Guzmán would prefer not to get hit by a train.
  21. chat room
    Francis Ford Coppola’s New Star Alden Ehrenreich on Not ‘Trickling Up’We speak with Ehrenreich about working with Coppola and his run-in with Spielberg.
  22. cannes
    Cannes: Visiting With Vincent Gallo and Francis Ford CoppolaCoppola: “It’s fun to go to the barber with Vincent.”
  23. trailer mix
    Francis Ford Coppola’s Tetro Marks His Return to Directing Familial DramasWe’re glad to see that Coppola is avoiding the career path of one George Lucas.
  24. quote machine
    Spice Girl Mel B. Is Totally Ready for Music’s Digital FuturePlus: John Cusack!
  25. beef
    Francis Ford Coppola Takes On Pacino, De Niro, NicholsonWho has the highest Paycheck Ratio?
  26. quote machine
    Bruce Springsteen Will Not Retire If Outsold by 50 CentPlus: Quotes from Peter Saarsgard and Francis Ford Coppola!
  27. quote machine
    Jon Stewart Asked to Host Oscars, Turns Into Real BoyLewis Black, Andy Samberg, and more!