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  1. francophile
    Poet James Franco Sells Debut Book of PoetryOf course.
  2. francophile
    James Franco Won Second Prize in a Blog CompetitionCongrats, James.
  3. naps
    James Franco Was Not Too Wild About SkyfallAs in, he fell asleep.
  4. francophile
    James Franco’s Going to Teach at USC Film SchoolBecause that’s what James Franco does.
  5. francophile
    James Franco Wants to Make a Whole Album of Spoken-Word Motown-y Music“10-12 songs.”
  6. right-click
    Introducing Daddy, James Franco’s Spoken Word Motown Band!They have an EP and everything.
  7. francophile
    James Franco Sued by Former NYU ProfessorThe consequences of missing the end of add–drop period have never been so serious.
  8. exits
    Steve Burton Leaving General HospitalJason!
  9. video
    See James Franco on Nick at Nite’s TelenovelaSoapy!
  10. francophile
    James Franco Adds Playboy Columnist to RésuméBusy, busy.
  11. francophile
    Vulture Appreciates All of James Franco’s Farts, Whether Pop or Avant-Garde“It has been said that New York Magazine’s Vulture blog doesn’t leave any of my farts un-sniffed.”
  12. francophile
    James Franco Also Wonders Why Prometheus Characters Are Such JerksHe’s seen the movie and he has some questions.
  13. francophile
    James Franco Weighs In on the Girls Debate“I watched Steel Magnolias incessantly when I was in junior high school.”
  14. francophile
    James Franco on Riff Raff: ‘None of That’s True’And he’s still waiting on those clothes.
  15. francophile
    James Franco’s Spring Breakers Character Is Based on Riff Raff, Says Riff Raff“James Franco was in the movie, but I was supposed to be in there also. Now James Franco is playing me.”
  16. francophile
    James Franco Looks Like Kevin Federline Right NowFor Harmony Korine’s next movie.
  17. francophile
    Dave Franco Shares a Poem About His Grandma“When I look into my grandma’s eyes / I see the light of day.”
  18. casting
    Jonah Hill and James Franco to Lead True StoryAnother drama for Jonah Hill.
  19. francophile
    James Franco May Star in Movie As Mystery, the Pickup ArtistIn an adaptation of The Game.
  20. francophile
    James Franco Made a General Hospital MovieOf course.
  21. francophile
    James Franco Sold His First NovelTo Amazon.
  22. francophile
    Yale Prof Really Doesn’t Believe James Franco Deserved That ‘D’Blame the personal assistant.
  23. James Franco May Play Hugh HefnerIn the Linda Lovelace biopic.
  24. francophile
    James Franco Defends Deposed General Hospital Showrunner“Anyone in Soaps would be a fool not to want to work with her.”
  25. art
    James Franco Will Conduct a Séance to Speak to Tennessee WilliamsFor art.
  26. casting
    James Franco Circling Harmony Korine’s Spring BreakersHe will play a rapping drug dealer.
  27. francophile
    Watch a Brief History of James Franco’s Dramatic WhisperingTurn up your volume and enjoy.
  28. francophile
    Put Your James Franco Fatigue Aside: He’s Back In Form on General HospitalAnd it’s so, so silly.
  29. francophile
    James Franco Bought a 13-Year-Old’s Fan ArtShe runs a Tumblr about him.
  30. francophile
    Don’t Let James Franco Fool You, James Franco Is Returning to General HospitalPhew.
  31. clickables
    Watch James Franco Discuss Having Sex With His PublicistWhat doe she think of her fictional drug problem? “I don’t mind, as long as it keeps her thin.”
  32. francophile
    James Franco Actually Isn’t Returning to General HospitalOr so he claims.
  33. francophile
    Why James Franco Didn’t Get the Twilight Role He Wanted“What could James Franco play that doesn’t feel like ‘Where’s Waldo?’” asks ‘Breaking Dawn’ director Bill Condon.
  34. francophile
    James Franco Coming Back to General HospitalMark your calendars!
  35. francophile
    How Beverly Hills 90210 Inspired James Franco“Dylan had seen the world and was a surfer, so I thought I had to go to Hawaii.”
  36. francophile
    James Franco Still Sad About Cut Oscar BitsBut he doesn’t want to “assign blame.”
  37. francophile
    Buy Some Invisible Art From James Franco!It’s his latest art project.
  38. party chat
    James Franco: ‘I Kind of Wear Too Many Clothes’“I don’t look too great in tank tops; I just look weird.”
  39. francophile
    James Franco Sits Next to the Best People at PartiesIncluding Madonna and a professional crier.
  40. art
    James Franco Carved ‘Brad Renfro’ Into His ArmFor art.
  41. francophile
    James Franco Is Not Above Working at McDonald’s“I mostly worked the cashier window at the drive-through.”
  42. francophile
    James Franco to Mount Dance-Theater ShowStarting May 8.
  43. francophile
    James Franco: ‘Social Media Is Over’“You heard it here first.”
  44. francophile
    James Franco Is Off Twitter [Update]The great experiment comes to a close.
  45. francophile
    James Franco Got Another Teaching JobAt NYU this time.
  46. francophile
    The Best of James Franco’s Backstage Oscar TweetsBald caps, hand massages, and awkward Oprah photos!
  47. francophile
    James Franco Teaming Up With Harmony Korine for a Film Involving Street GangsThe gangs might hurt one another on-camera.
  48. francophile
    James Franco Cracks Oscar Jokes on General Hospital“Look, I could chat all night but I have to run. I have a big event to attend. Very, very big deal.”
  49. francophile
    James Franco Will Show at Gagosian GalleryHe cut the twelve-hour version of ‘My Own Private Idaho’ that you’ve been waiting for.
  50. francophile
    James Franco Sings CherOf course he does.
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