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  1. francophile
    James Franco Sits Next to the Best People at PartiesIncluding Madonna and a professional crier.
  2. art
    James Franco Carved ‘Brad Renfro’ Into His ArmFor art.
  3. francophile
    James Franco Is Not Above Working at McDonald’s“I mostly worked the cashier window at the drive-through.”
  4. francophile
    James Franco to Mount Dance-Theater ShowStarting May 8.
  5. francophile
    James Franco: ‘Social Media Is Over’“You heard it here first.”
  6. francophile
    James Franco Is Off Twitter [Update]The great experiment comes to a close.
  7. francophile
    James Franco Got Another Teaching JobAt NYU this time.
  8. francophile
    The Best of James Franco’s Backstage Oscar TweetsBald caps, hand massages, and awkward Oprah photos!
  9. francophile
    James Franco Teaming Up With Harmony Korine for a Film Involving Street GangsThe gangs might hurt one another on-camera.
  10. francophile
    James Franco Cracks Oscar Jokes on General Hospital“Look, I could chat all night but I have to run. I have a big event to attend. Very, very big deal.”
  11. francophile
    James Franco Will Show at Gagosian GalleryHe cut the twelve-hour version of ‘My Own Private Idaho’ that you’ve been waiting for.
  12. francophile
    James Franco Sings CherOf course he does.
  13. francophile
    James Franco Has Joined TwitterHe needed more to do, duh.
  14. clickables
    See a Gratuitious Photo of James Franco on the Set of General HospitalFranco as Franco. In a tux!
  15. francophile
    James Franco Doesn’t Care If His Oscars Are the Worst Ever“What do I care, you know what I mean?”
  16. francophile
    James Franco Considering Three’s Company Film“The ‘Three’s Company’ estate contacted us … they saw what we did and loved it.”
  17. party chat
    James Franco Won’t Get to Dress Up Like Cher at the OscarsBruce Vilanch: “We had a great bit where James Franco was going to come on as Cher and be interrupted by [the real] Cher.”
  18. francophile
    James Franco Now Trying to Overachieve at Party HostingTypical Franco.
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    James Franco’s Career Can Be Studied for College CreditHe’s started a class about himself.
  20. francophile
    James Franco Looked ‘Horrible’ in His Sex TapeWhat, now?
  21. francophile
    James Franco and Michael Shannon Reunite for The IcemanBenicio Del Toro will also star in the assassin drama.
  22. francophile
    James Franco to Play a Sexually Assaulting Murderer NowAnother day, another James Franco project in the works.
  23. francophile
    James Franco May Star In a Movie With His FamilyIncluding brother Dave.
  24. francophile
    James Franco Making a Musical With Yalies’James Franco Presents’ will be performed at Yale in April.
  25. francophile
    James Franco Now Referring to Himself in the Third-Person On SetAccording to Danny Boyle.
  26. francophile
    How Luke Perry and Jacob From Lost Helped James Franco Win Blood Meridian RightsWith the help of his brother Dave Franco, too.
  27. francophile
    James Franco Directing Faulkner NowAnd also Cormac McCarthy.
  28. francophile
    James Franco Returning to General HospitalFor two episodes.
  29. francophile
    Apparently, James Franco Is Really Into Three’s Company Right NowHe will be analyzing the sitcom at the 2011 Sundance Film Festival.
  30. francophile
    James Franco’s Next Project Will Tackle ADD, S&MHe’ll write, direct, and star in an adaptation of ‘The Adderall Diaries.’
  31. francophile
    James Franco Got a D in Acting ClassSome NYU teacher is a hard-ass.
  32. francophile
    James Franco Is Neither Gay Nor a Stoner“Sure, I’d tell you if I was.”
  33. francophile
    James Franco Even Busier Than You Thought“I tend to have a four- or five-time day.”
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    On General Hospital, James Franco Goes to the MuseumAnd delivers a video message to the crowd.
  35. franco-phile
    James Franco’s Character on General Hospital Gets a First NameBobby!
  36. francophile
    Jeffrey Deitch Will Appear on General Hospital With James FrancoThe new MOCA director’s already going Hollywood.
  37. franco-phile
    James Franco Barely on General Hospital Today!Fingers crossed for more tomorrow.
  38. franco-phile
    James Franco’s Glorious Return to General HospitalFranco poses a homeless man on ‘GH’ today.
  39. francophile
    James Franco Has Kirk and Spock Make Out for ArtFranco’s first solo show will not disappoint.
  40. franco-phile
    James Franco to Star in Planet of the Apes PrequelAnd nabs a part in ‘Hangover’-esque comedy.
  41. franco-phile
    James Franco’s Performance Art Is Never DoneHe’s coming back to ‘General Hospital.’
  42. franco-phile
    Daytime Emmys Fail to Nominate James FrancoBig mistake. Huge.
  43. franco-phile
    James Franco to Teach Yale StudentsActor will begin English Ph.D. program this fall and will TA classes.
  44. franco-phile
    James Franco As Allen Ginsberg, in Theaters This SeptemberHe plays Allen Ginsberg.
  45. franco-phile
    James Franco May Be Heading to YaleShort-story author and soap-opera star accepted to English Ph.D. program.
  46. francophile
    Your First Look at James Franco’s Gay Naked Basketball FilmHere are 41 NSFW seconds from James Franco’s short film, ‘The Feast of Stephen.’ Enjoy!
  47. franco-phile
    James Franco Debuts on General HospitalJames Franco lent his talents to General Hospital today, and we were there to watch just the parts that he was in.
  48. franco-phile
    ABC Teases Us With Clips of James Franco on General HospitalJust some guys having a shootout. No big deal.
  49. chat room
    James Franco Explains His General Hospital Role“I’ve got other ideas for my participation in this soap opera beyond just being in this soap opera.”
  50. franco-phile
    James Franco Is a Busy ManFirst ‘General Hospital’, now ‘30 Rock’.