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  1. money money money
    Matt Weiner’s $30 Million Mad Men Deal Also Included Bonuses for Winning AwardsWe’d take that bonus deal any day.
  2. but his emails
    You Don’t Want to Get an Angry Email From Walking Dead Creator Frank Darabont“YOU NEED TO PAY ATTENTION TO THE MOTHERF[**]KING SCRIPT!”
  3. lawsuits
    The Walking Dead Creator Frank Darabont Says AMC Owes Him $280 Million He’s also arguing he hasn’t been paid for the entire second season.
  4. directors chair
    Darabont to Direct Snow White and the Huntsman 2Scheduled for a 2016 release.
  5. cancellations
    TNT Cancels Mob CityDuh.
  6. tv review
    Seitz on Mob City: Gorgeous, Old-Movie ShadowlandFrank Darabont’s TNT miniseries is noir without nuance, but gorgeous to look at.
  7. beefs
    Frank Darabont Says ‘Sociopaths’ Fired Him From The Walking DeadHe says “truly malevolent people” got him ousted.
  8. trailer mix
    Watch a Trailer for Frank Darabont’s TNT Miniseries Mob CityFormerly titled L.A. Noir and Lost Angeles.
  9. new gigs
    Frank Darabont to Rewrite Godzilla RebootZombie Godzilla!??!??!?!?!?
  10. pickups
    TNT Orders Six Episodes of Frank Darabont’s L.A. NoirBetter than no episodes.
  11. pick up lines
    TNT Nearing Full Season Order for Frank Darabont’s L.A. NoirYou can almost officially get excited about all the big names who’ve come aboard.
  12. casting couch
    More Walking Dead Alums Head to L.A. NoirDead Dale and Dead Jim join Dead Shane.
  13. l.a. noir
    Simon Pegg Narrows In on Frank Darabont’s L.A. NoirPicture Pegg in forties Los Angeles.
  14. casting couch
    Frank Darabont Casts Heroes Alum for L.A. NoirIt’s Milo Ventimiglia. He was on Gilmore Girls, too.
  15. the vulture transcript
    Glen Mazzara Opens Up on Darabont’s DepartureThis new batch of episodes will be more cinematic, and the show will move more quickly, he promises.
  16. spoilers
    Did Frank Darabont and TNT Just Spoil The Walking Dead?Quite possibly!
  17. tv
    TNT Wants Frank Darabont’s L.A. Noir PilotIt’s set in the forties and fifties.
  18. chat room
    Walking Dead Producer Gale Anne Hurd on Losing Frank Darabont and What’s in Store for Season Two“Frank basically made it clear that everyone associated with the show should continue.”
  19. the walking dead
    The Fact and Fiction of The Walking Dead’s ‘Fired’ WritersWere the scribes all fired? Or did they just have other plans? Sources weigh in.
  20. the writing dead
    The Walking Dead Fires Its WritersBoom!
  21. zombies
    A Field Guide to the Zombies of The Walking DeadWe use the original comics to show the different kinds of undead threats.
  22. chat room
    The Walking Dead Creator Frank Darabont on the Zombie Show Too Gruesome for Major Networks“Can you believe what we’re getting away with? It’s awesome!”
  23. quote machine
    Chris Pine Saves Runaway BurritoPlus: Betty White, stair master.
  24. trailer mix
    The Walking Dead Trailer; or, the Zombies Are ComingGet excited.
  25. tv
    See a Creepy New Photo From AMC’s The Walking DeadSlack-jawed, red-eyed zombie is the part this man was born to play.
  26. zombies
    Zombies to Run Amok on AMCAMC has given the thumbs-up for a show based on Robert Kirkman’s awesome comic-book series ‘The Walking Dead.’
  27. the industry
    Mexican Gangs Are No Match for Clive OwenPlus: Beer! Zombies! Mobsters!
  28. the industry
    Citizen FoxxPlus: ‘Beethoven 6!’
  29. apropos of nothing
    Frank Darabont’s LaBeouf-less ‘Indiana Jones 4’ Screenplay Leaks OnlineThe script for ‘Indiana Jones 4’ wasn’t born terrible — Darabont’s early draft actually seems pretty great!
  30. the industry
    R.E.M. Prepares to Disappoint Us for the Fourth Album in a RowPlus, industry news on Daniel Radcliffe, Alan Cumming, and G.I. Joe.