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  1. How Frank Miller Built This Amazing Dark Knight Returns PageHe looked to overlooked comics genius Bernard Krigstein for inspiration.
  2. Why Frank Miller Is Revisiting the World of 300 With His New XerxesIf he doesn’t have a T-shirt that says ‘Athenian Ninja’ by the end of the week, we’ve all failed.
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    Frank Miller Hasn’t Watched Daredevil Yet“I’m looking forward to it.”
  4. Frank Miller Is Writing a ‘Superman: Year One’–Style Origin StoryThe comics legend is finally taking a “meaningful crack” at the Man of Steel.
  5. Comics Beef: Frank Miller, Alan Moore Duke It Out Over Occupy Wall StreetWords like louts, rapists, misogny, and homophobic are used.
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    Warner Bros. Offers 300 Sequel to Guy RitchieZack Snyder had planned to direct it himself. So what gives?
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    See Evan Rachel Wood and Chris Evans in Frank Miller’s Short Film for Gucci PerfumeMmm, perfume.
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    Lady Gaga Not Very Good at Dissing Taylor SwiftSpoiler alert! ‘True Blood’ to feature more sex.
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    God to Blame for Diddy’s CSI: Miami CameoPlus: Frank Miller was sort of qualified to direct ‘The Spirit,’ he guesses.
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    Baz Luhrmann Sets His Sights on West EggSoon we’ll be able to forget that the version starring Robert Redford ever existed!
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    Confirmed: The Spirit Is Crappy’When a man falls to the ground, his body covered with white bloodstains, it’s unclear whether he’s been felled by bullets or by incontinent birds.’
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    It’s Official: ‘The Spirit’ StinksFeaturing wacky Carl Stalling–ish sound cues when the Spirit gets hit in the crotch.
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    Anthony Hopkins to Overact in a Classical ModeAnd Gwyneth, Keira ,and Naomi are set to play Lear’s daughters.
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    ‘The Spirit’: Frank Miller Plays the Hero at Comic-ConThe director is the star as the trailer for ‘The Spirit’ is unveiled. Plus: See the trailer!
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    Jessica Biel Books a Seat on the Invisible JetPlus industry news on Kevin Spacey, Clint Eastwood, and Matt Damon.
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    Crazy Like a FoxxScarlett Johansson and Bruuuuuuuuuce.
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    Jennifer Aniston Falls for Steve ZahnPlus industry news on James Cameron’s next movie, William H. Macy’s next TV show, and the Hold Steady’s next tour partner.
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    A Match Made in Noir Heaven: Clive Owen, Frank Miller, Raymond Chandler
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    Today in Auteurs: Guillermo del Toro, Alfonso Cuarón, Rob Schneider
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    Mars Investigations Closed for Good?
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    The New Hollywood: Frank Miller Bigger Than Leonardo Dicaprio