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Frank Sinatra

  1. a long talk
    ‘I Don’t Think Anybody Alive Can Tell Me What to Do’Willie Nelson at his most Willie Nelson.
  2. oscars 2019
    Every (Pre-Lady Gaga) Oscar-Nominated Acting Performance by a Musician, RankedWhat does it take for a performance by a musician to earn acclaim at the Oscars? We ranked the 25 (pre-Lady Gaga) turns deemed nomination-worthy.
  3. The Best of Don Rickles’s Roast Jokes▶️ “I tell you out there, America, our governor is dumb!”
  4. the jukebox
    Want to Hear Bob Dylan Cover Another Frank Sinatra Tune? It’s Your Lucky DayVery smokey.
  5. covers
    Bob Dylan Made a Third Sinatra Covers AlbumIt’s a triple album. Triple!
  6. sayonara sinatra
    Martin Scorsese’s Frank Sinatra Biopic Is Sleepin’ With the Fishes, Capiche?R.I.P.
  7. inaugeration 2017
    Nancy Sinatra: Dad Wouldn’t Do Inauguration “He would never support a bigot.”
  8. letters of note
    Read Frank Sinatra’s Open Letter to George Michael From 1990“Come on, George. Loosen up. Swing, man.”
  9. heartthrobs
    Start Spreading the News — a Frank Sinatra Stage Musical Is in DevelopmentJukebox style!
  10. covers
    Oh Good, Bob Dylan Made Another Frank Sinatra Covers AlbumHere’s his melancholy take on “Melancholy Mood.”
  11. r.i.p.
    Frank Sinatra Jr., Singer Who Upheld His Father’s Legacy, Dead at 72His family said the cause was cardiac arrest.
  12. sinatra's centennial
    50 Years Later, Gay Talese Revisits ‘Frank Sinatra Has a Cold’Every J school has embraced Gay Talese’s 1966 Esquire write-around on Sinatra as a gold standard in New Journalism profile-writing. Fifty years later, Talese himself seems slightly puzzled by its acclaim.
  13. sinatra's centennial
    Lady Gaga Stole the Show at CBS Sinatra ConcertUsher’s middle finger was also a standout. Adam Levine, not so much.
  14. Bob Dylan’s Next Album Will Consist Entirely of Frank Sinatra CoversDylan promises ten stripped-down covers of Sinatra standards.
  15. oscars 2014
    The Many Creative Ways Oscar Winners Pose With Their TrophiesThe Javier Bardem kiss, the Emma Thompson head balance, and more through the Oscar ages.
  16. end of culture
    10 Great Full-Length Concerts Available on YouTubeJames Brown in Boston, Aretha Franklin in Amsterdam, Run-DMC in New York, and more.
  17. party chat
    Ronan Farrow on Sinatra Paternity Rumors: ‘You Know, I Wasn’t There’“It is a distraction… But I take it in stride,” he said.
  18. scandals
    Mia Farrow, Woody Allen, Sex Abuse, and PaternityHey, look who’s back in the news.
  19. mash-ups
    Watch Walter White Perform Frank Sinatra’s ‘My Way’Well, kind of.
  20. Harlan Ellison Isn’t Dead YetForget the rumor of his demise: The sci-fi legend has put out his first book in ten years – and is still showing off the boots he wore standing up to Frank Sinatra.
  21. future projects
    Scorsese’s Sinatra Picks Up Hunger Games Screenwriter Billy RayNow all they have to do is find actors for every major role.
  22. who did it best
    Who Did ‘Santa Claus Is Coming to Town’ Best?Vote for your favorite cover of the holiday classic.
  23. closings
    No More Sinatra on Broadway’Come Fly Away’ is closing.
  24. music
    Frank Sinatra Zings George Michael in a Classy Letter From 1990“Come on, George. Loosen up.”
  25. chat room
    Martin Scorsese on Boardwalk Empire, Sinatra Biopic“Leo certainly … Naturally I really like working with him.”
  26. baseless speculation
    Frank Sinatra Casting Rumors Are the New Batman-Villain Casting RumorsAccording to Nikki Finke, Scorsese wants Leonardo DiCaprio, but Universal wants teen heartthrob Johnny Depp.
  27. the industry
    50 Cent and Forest Whitaker to Play Same PersonPlus: romantic-comedy news!
  28. kudos
    Barely Alive Recording Artists Honored by Barely Alive Recording IndustryAs Vulture predicted last week, Herbie Hancock beat out younger, more relevant competition from Kanye West and Amy Winehouse, picking up the Grammy for Album of the Year at last night’s ceremony in Los Angeles.
  29. the early-evening news
    Morrissey Sick of Being Noncontroversial, ApparentlyPlus: The music video of the year!
  30. right-click
    Interpol Forgets Mission Statement to Release Songs That All Sound the Same
  31. quote machine
    Jerry Weintraub Proclaims Frank Sinatra a Fun Drunk