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Frankie And Alice

  1. fact-check
    Can a Ballerina Make Out With Her Alternate Self? An Expert Debunks Multiple-Personality Movie TropesDo all real split-personality patients have a “little girl” alter? Do they talk to themselves in the mirror? And much more.
  2. trailer mix
    Halle Berry Has Personalities to Spare in Frankie and Alice TrailerAnd she hopes one of them is a 2011 Oscar nominee.
  3. oscar race 2011
    Halle Berry and Her Multiple Personalities Enter the Oscar RaceAs if the Best Actress field weren’t crowded enough, Berry decides to make a go of it.
  4. the industry
    In Bold Career Move, Halle Berry Will Play Many Dumb Characters at OncePlus: Ronald D. Moore’s working on a new series, and Cynthia Nixon’s working on another case of Biltmore Syndrome.