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Fred Rogers

  1. deep dives
    What Mister Rogers Can Teach Us About Gen X and the Generational DivideXers were more impacted by Fred Rogers than any other generation. What he taught them helps explain who they became.
  2. movie review
    Won’t You Be My Neighbor? Will Make You Miss Mister RogersMorgan Neville’s moving documentary is a wonderful breather from reality, from which you come back more conscious of the hate that runs the world.
  3. tv review
    Mister Rogers: It’s You I Like Is a Joyous Celebration of a TV LegendLike Fred Rogers himself, this PBS special speaks to the deepest part of us.
  4. biopics
    A Mr. Rogers Biopic Is in the Works“Would you be mine?” Yep.
  5. fred rogers
    Watch Mister Rogers RemixedFar out, dude.
  6. spinoffs
    Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood Gets Animated SpinoffIt’ll be exactly like the ‘Jersey Shore’ spinoffs.
  7. tv
    A Look Back at Mister Rogers’s Creepiest MomentsWon’t you be my neighbor?