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Freddy Krueger

  1. chat room
    Horror Legend Robert Englund on What Triggers ‘Our Most Primal Fears’From Freddy Krueger to the new docuseries True Terror, the actor has made a long career of exploring the underside of the American psyche.
  2. iconic mashups
    Freddy Krueger Will Make His Glorious, Gruesome Return With … The Goldbergs?!That clawed glove budget is legit.
  3. chat room
    A Nightmare on Elm Street Director Samuel Bayer on Rebooting the FranchiseThe director talks about going darker with the film, keeping Freddy’s original look, and having nightmares of his own.
  4. how can i stay mad at you?
    8 Super-Villains Who Have a Good Excuse For EvilMolestation, abandonment as children, the Holocaust … they’ve all got excuses.
  5. movies
    Play (or Don’t Play) the Creepy ‘Keep Her Awake’ Nightmare on Elm Street GameUse an arsenal of stimulants to keep a sleepy blonde girl awake and away from Freddy.
  6. the industry
    Paul Giamatti to Take Worst Vacation EverPlus: Fox is ‘Boldly Going Nowhere.’