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  1. last night on late night
    Colbert, Cotillard Spice Up Mundanity in FrenchOn The Late Show.
  2. ‘L’Hospital Des Enfants’ Is Like ‘Childrens Hospital’ but Way Frenchier This movie looks real good, you guys. Not The Real Boston Globe was right, it’s “breathtaking.” Seriously. It is. I am losing breaths. This […]
  3. debate
    Nazi-Sex Novel The Kindly Ones Polarizes Western CivilizationReactions to the confession of an SS officer, a sort of evil Forrest Gump, who reminisces about sleeping with his twin sister and possibly killing his mother.
  4. the early-evening news
    Hasid to Perform With HayseedsPete Dohety, the French, and more!