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  1. met gala 2019
    This Jennifer Lopez and Katy Perry Bathroom Video Is 15 Seconds of AwkwardnessWhat happens in the Met Gala bathroom …
  2. frenemies
    Adam Driver’s Friends Are Telling Everyone He’s Got a Secret KidIs there no honor among “sources close to the star”?
  3. frenemies
    Kim Cattrall Says She and Her Sex and the City Co-stars Weren’t FriendsAnd Sarah Jessica Parker could’ve been nicer about Cattrall’s decision to not return for the third movie.
  4. frenemies
    Watch a Supercut of Arya and the Hound BickeringOne of TV’s great frenemy-ships.
  5. frenemies
    Justin Bieber Attacked/Hugged OnstageA grand piano got flipped.
  6. truces
    Kid Cudi Doesn’t Smoke That Much AnymoreAnd it’s having a positive effect on his relationships.