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Friends With Kids

  1. year in culture 2012
    David Edelstein’s Top Ten Movies of 2012An unexpectedly modern Lincoln, the mercilessly gripping Zero Dark Thirty, the happy submission of Pitch Perfect, and more.
  2. man crushes
    Here’s Adam Scott Waxing Rhapsodic About Channing Tatum“If they made casts of asses to sell at adult stores for people to have sex with, they would use his ass.”
  3. friends with kids
    Chris O’Dowd Is Not on Team Michael Bay“He is a f–king a–hole.”
  4. monday morning movie club
    When Jon Hamm and Adam Scott Play Jerks: More Friends With Kids TalkAlso, how was Megan Fox?
  5. last night on late night
    Last Night on Late Night: Jon Hamm Revealed His Aroused and Postcoitus ExpressionsPlus: Jennifer Westfeldt judges people by their pets, and more, on our daily late-night roundup.
  6. chat room
    Chris O’Dowd on Friends With Kids, Joining the Judd Apatow Crowd, and Sexless Marriages“You don’t have to f-ck all the time to have a great relationship.”
  7. party chat
    Jon Hamm Does Not Watch Jersey Shore, Will Require a Beta Blocker for His Bill Maher Appearance“I have done the show a couple of times before and it’s pretty terrifying.”
  8. party chat
    Brian Austin Green Won’t Let Megan Fox Watch Beverly Hills, 90210“She tries to sneak them on SOAPnet. And then she gets in trouble for it.”
  9. party chat
    Chris O’Dowd Wants to Pair Off With Jon Hamm“It’ll be a more progressive comedy.”
  10. friends with kids
    Watch the Red Band Trailer for Friends With KidsMore of this, please!
  11. friends with kids
    See Another Poster for Friends With KidsChoose Your Own Adventure: The Fortysomething Version.
  12. posterized
    The Relative Fame of the Cast of Friends With Kids, According to the Friends With Kids PosterSorry, Adam Scott, you are less famous than everyone.
  13. Friends With Kids Trailer: Bridesmaids RevisitedJennifer Westfeldt’s new comedy reunites most of the Bridesmaids cast and adds Adam Scott.
  14. party chat
    Jon Hamm and Jennifer Westfeldt Play Words With Friends Together Every DayAwwwww.
  15. toronto film festival
    The Six Big Stories to Come Out of This Year’s Toronto Film FestivalMichael Fassbender has arrived, and we’ll have a very crowded Best Actor race at next year’s Oscars …
  16. chat room
    Jennifer Westfeldt on Her Toronto Hit, Friends With Kids“I felt like the things flying on the screen in the movie was our life: baby, baby, baby, 1-year-old birthday … And you’re just the childless people standing there with the balloon.”
  17. toronto film festival
    Five Reviews from Toronto, Including Friends with KidsAnd the latest from Todd Solondz and Sarah Polley.
  18. movies
    Ten Films Everyone Will Be Buzzing About at the Toronto Film FestivalIncluding ‘Friends With Kids’ and ‘Take This Waltz.’
  19. casting
    Megan Fox Joins Friends With KidsShe’ll star opposite Adam Scott and Jon Hamm in the Jennifer Westfeldt comedy.