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Frieze Art Fair

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    Frieze Salutes Feature Inc., the Visionary Gallery That Changed the Art WorldMurakami, Pettibon, Tom of Finland … you saw them there first.
  2. Jerry Saltz: Break the Art FairAs a system, art fairs are like America: They don’t work and no one knows how to fix them.
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    9 Art Shows to See This Week On and Off Frieze IslandOur curated itinerary.
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    Jerry Saltz: The Drawing I Can’t Stop Thinking About From Frieze New YorkA great work of art from 1875 that’s never been seen in any museum.
  5. How to Navigate an Art Fair With Jerry Saltz▶️ Nobody can do it like Jerry.
  6. Jonathan Horowitz’s Transporting 700 DotsThe noise in the room subsided; my mind switched into another consciousness. That was only the beginning.
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    Welcome to a Very Instagrammable Frieze!To bait fairgoers in more ways than one, Gagosian stocked a booth full of Richard Prince Instagram replicas.
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    The Strangeness of After-Hours at the Frieze Art FairExtremely temporary quarters.
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    Why Food (the Restaurant) Is the Talk of the 2013 Frieze Art FairCurator Cecilia Alemani is installing a canteen that pays homage to the Soho restaurant.
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    The Twenty Most Titillating Works at Frieze Art FairFrom French horns with guacamole in them to sculptures made from cheap umbrellas.
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    Saltz: Why the Frieze Art Fair Could Solve the New York Art Fair ProblemThe upside of English elitism.
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    See Renderings of How the Frieze Art Fair Will Take Over Randall’s IslandTake a look at the temporary gallery.
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    Ask an Art Critic: Jerry Saltz on London Art and Power ListsLet’s make our own power list: Call it “Jerry Saltz’s Vulture 100.”