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Fritz Lang

  1. movies
    Stream Metropolis, the Famous Silent Film, Restored With an Hour of Lost FootageStarting this afternoon at 2:40 p.m., EST.
  2. BAM Announces New Indie-Film SeriesIt’s got something for everybody!
  3. the early-evening news
    RZA Runs Out of Dialogue to Sample; Will Direct His Own Kung-Fu MoviePlus:Sacha Baron Cohen’s homophones will be hilarious to homophobes.
  4. the comics page
    Exclusive Comics Excerpt: ‘M’Suspenseful, daring, and formally brilliant, ‘M’ was a landmark story long out of print — until now.
  5. the industry
    Paul Rudd Loves You, ManPlus: Squeezing the last few drops from the penguin teat.