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  1. politics
    Man Brings Trump Flag to Frozen, Is Forced to Let It GoWhat a use of the money it takes to get that ticket.
  2. theater
    Watch All the Performances From the 2018 Tony AwardsFrom The Band’s Visit to Mean Girls.
  3. belting
    The Frozen Musical’s ‘Let It Go’ Is Gloriously More Extra Than the OriginalTake that option up, Caissie Levy!
  4. theater review
    Theater Review: Frozen Is in Place, to StayGuess which song brings down the house?
  5. behind the scenes
    How Frozen Reimagines Its Icy World for the Broadway StageConjuring snow and ice with everything from sculptural set pieces to video and lighting effects.
  6. exclusive
    Listen to the Frozen Musical’s New Solo for Princess Anna, ‘True Love’Patti Murin performs with co-songwriter Robert Lopez in an exclusive music video.
  7. the industry
    Disney Is Reportedly Axing Olaf’s Frozen Adventure Before Coco in Movie TheatersPeople really didn’t like this short.
  8. hurricane irma
    Kristen Bell Is a Delightful Frozen-Singing Steward to Hurricane Irma VictimsYes, they definitely would rather be building a snowman right now.
  9. broadway
    See the LARP-Ready Costumes for the Frozen MusicalPatti Murin, Caissie Levy, Jelani Alladin, and John Riddle star in the Broadway-bound production.
  10. fixer upper
    Unlike the Internet, the Frozen Musical Will Have No TrollsInstead, the musical will feature “scruffy” and “sexy” hidden folk.
  11. first looks
    Here’s a Behind-the-Scenes First Look at the New Frozen MusicalComing to Broadway this spring.
  12. don't let it go
    Frozen on Broadway Casts Its Disney PrincessesElsa and Anna will be played by Broadway veterans.
  13. cold as ice
    Frozen’s Original Ending Was Super DarkA villainous Elsa! Prophecies!
  14. fan theories
    Mandy Moore and Her Horrified Face Don’t Endorse Your Grim Tangled-Frozen TheoryNot so clever this time, fans.
  15. broadway
    Love Is Not an Open Door: The Frozen Musical Has Lost Its DirectorAlex Timbers and Disney parted ways over creative differences.
  16. love for elsa
    Idina Menzel Is Here for #GiveElsaaGirlfriend — Ball’s In Your Court, Disney She came out in support of the #GiveElsaaGirlfriend Twitter campaign.
  17. frozen
    Frozen Is Coming to Broadway in 2018Let it go … to Broadway!
  18. tight spaces
    Buried and the Eleven Most Claustrophobic Movies EverIt’s a tough time for claustrophobic moviegoers — but a great time for those who love claustrophobic movies.
  19. the industry
    Director Goes to War With Online PiratesHis metaphor for illegal downloading: “So if I love a woman, is it okay for me to rape her because I love her? It doesn’t work like that!”
  20. trailer mix
    Frozen Is Every Skier’s NightmareWhatever you do, don’t lick the metal.