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  1. fucked up
    Watched F-cked Up’s Video for ‘Turn the Season’Don’t say the band’s name out loud, but feel free to watch their video.
  2. behind the music
    F-cked Up Explain the Epic Tale of Love and Betrayal Behind David Comes to LifeThe story behind the concept album.
  3. clickables
    Stream the New F-cked Up Album, David Comes to LifeThe lightbulb-factory rock opera you’ve been waiting for!
  4. chat room
    F*cked Up’s Damian Abraham on Remaking ‘Do They Know It’s Christmas?’ and What It Would Take to Work With Bono“As terrible as I find his music and as reprehensible as I find him as a person, I would definitely have him on [the single].”
  5. right-click
    Fucked Up’s Twelve-Hour Show in Just Three-and-a-Half MinutesIt’s a video!
  6. right-click
    Of Montreal Achieve NirvanaPlus: New JT!
  7. gimmickry
    ******** and Friends Rock Out for Twelve Straight HoursThe Toronto act will take over a Lower East Side storefront.
  8. agenda
    Merry Christmas from Nelly Furtado, hardcore weirdos.The group responsible for this seven-inch single — turntable not included! — may be a Canadian hardcore band named Fucked Up, but we assure you that it’s not a cynical regard for the holidays that has us recommending it.