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G Unit

  1. the man
    50 Cent Steals Jewels and Shoots Women in ‘I’m the Man’ Music VideoThe G-Unit gang steals jewels, shoots bathing women, and drives shiny cars.
  2. videology
    Revisit Rough Memories in 50’s ‘9 Shots’ VidG-Unit, assemble!
  3. icymi
    Watch Nicki, Drake, Wayne, and G-Unit All Perform at 2014 HOT97 Summer JamNicki, Drake, Wayne, and Soulja Boy performed while G-Unit reunited.
  4. bromances
    50 Cent: Robert Pattinson Could Totally Join G-UnitThis is something that most certainly should happen.
  5. quote machine
    Stephen Malkmus Is Just Too Old to Scream Like ThatPlus Jimmy Kimmel on his 1,000th episode, Peter Jackson’s heaven, and 50 Cent soothes the G-Unit.
  6. right-click
    Radiohead Is Tired: Make Your Own Damn MusicPlus: New MP3s by 50 Cent, Ben Gibbard, and that guy you’ve been watching on YouTube all day.