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G.i. Joe The Rise Of Cobra

  1. go joe!
    Will G.I. Joe’s Early DVD Release Kill Movie Theaters?“We don’t know what Paramount is up to, but it’s highly objectionable,” says the prez of the National Association of Theatre Owners.
  2. vulture lists
    5 Things We Actually Enjoyed About G.I. JoeIt wasn’t anything even remotely resembling a good film, but it was definitely a fun movie in spots.
  3. twins!
    G.I. Joe and Team America: Exactly the SameOver at AMC’s Future of Classic blog, Bilge Ebiri enumerates the many similarities between ‘G.I. Joe: Rise of the Cobra’ and ‘Team America: World Police.’
  4. bo
    Paramount to Movie Critics: Who Needs You?’G.I. Joe’ grossed an estimated $56.2 million at the domestic box office this weekend.
  5. stinkers
    Paramount Demands That Critics Pay $12 to See G.I. Joe, Just Like the Rest of UsParamount’s Rob Moore: “We want audiences to define this film.”
  6. marketing
    G.I. Joe Marketers Launch $150 Million Offensive in Middle AmericaParamount is skipping the coasts for this one.
  7. in the magazine
    Joseph Gordon-Levitt to Hide Face, Hone Craft in G.I. Joe“You can hardly tell it’s me. And that, to me, is the best.”
  8. spin city
    Embattled G.I. Joe Producer Defends Embattled G.I. Joe DirectorMum’s still the word at Paramount, though.
  9. trailer mix
    G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra Trailer Fails to Quash Lingering Bad BuzzDon’t get your hopes up.
  10. agenda
    Julie Delpy Romance Neatly Skewers ParisThis darkly hilarious anti-Paris romance from Julie Delpy is the perfect antidote for the New York blues.