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G.o.o.d. Friday

  1. kids see ghost
    Kanye Is Releasing Two Albums This SummerA solo project, plus a collab with Kid Cudi.
  2. roundtables
    Vulture Editors Roundtable: Kanye West’s WavesFour Vulture editors argue over Yeezy Season.
  3. videography
    Kanye’s ‘Monster’ Video: Disembodied Heads, Double Nicki MinajSee the video!
  4. right-click
    Happy Holidays, Universe: Kanye West Has Dropped a Christmas SongWow.
  5. leak of the week
    Where Do the Songs From Kanye’s Leaked Album Rank Among the Top 30 Things He’s Done This Fall?Well, obviously it’s great. But how great?
  6. beef
    Is Kanye’s Latest G.O.O.D. Friday Track a Subtle Rejoinder to Cam’ron?Here comes some hip-hop minutiae!
  7. clickables
    Hear Kanye’s Latest Collaboration With Jay-ZWhile we’re breathlessly awaiting his album with Jay-Z, Yeezy’s offering “The Joy.”
  8. kanye west
    New Kanye Track: Beatboxing With Keri Hilson“I figured out I’m not a nice guy.”
  9. kanye west
    Angry Kanye West Not Giving Away Music for Free This Week“Due to blogs leaking unfinished songs from my actual album I’ve decided to pass of Good Fridays this week … “
  10. right-click
    M.C. Hammer Is Not a Fan of Kanye West’s Latest Dream-Team CollaborationBut we are!
  11. music
    Download Kanye, Jay-Z, and RZA’s New Track, ‘So Appalled’The latest in Kanye West’s G.O.O.D. Friday MP3 giveaway.
  12. music
    Download Kanye West’s New Song, ‘Lord Lord Lord,’ Featuring Mos Def, Swizz Beatz, and RaekwonA mellow, seven-and-a-half-minute MP3.
  13. music
    Hear Kanye and Raekwon’s Justin Bieber Remix, ‘Runaway Love’The much-Tweeted-about collaboration is at last complete.
  14. right-click
    Kanye West Made a Song With Bon Iver, Rick Ross, Jay-Z, Nicki Minaj and M.I.A.’s HusbandHear “Monster.”
  15. right-click
    Here Is the Jay-Z–Featuring ‘Power’ Remix Kanye PromisedHear the song!
  16. music
    Download Jay-Z and Swizz Beatz’s Kanye West Remix, ‘Power’Complete with a Norman Mailer name-drop.
  17. right-click
    Kanye’s Back!“Fuck SNL and the whole cast/Tell ‘em Yeezy said they can kiss my whole ass.”
  18. music
    Hear Kanye West’s New Single, ‘Power’It’s the first song to surface off Kanye’s ‘Good Ass Job.’