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  1. welcome mother monster
    Lady Gaga Will Star on American Horror StoryThis may be the most logical casting ever.
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    Lady Gaga Teaches the World How to Hit On Tony Bennett“Hey, Tony.” “Yes.” “I missed you, baby.”
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    Lady Gaga Will Cameo on The SimpsonsAiring in 2012.
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    Let’s Overanalyze the Timing of Lady Gaga’s Next SingleIs it suspect that a new Gaga single is dropping so soon after “Judas”?
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    Lady Gaga’s ‘Judas’ Video: Makeup, Not WarA Judas kiss, and a Gaga kiss from the point of a lipstick gun.
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    Lady Gaga’s ‘Born This Way’ Video: Where Sci-Fi Meets DanceShe’s not done with the whole womb/egg analogy.
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    Watch Lady Gaga Bring Her Grammys to Jay LenoThey talk Madonna, clothes, “vessels.”
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    Lady Gaga Talks German to You in Latest SongFraulein! Watch a video for a remixed track off her upcoming record.
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    Lady Gaga Involved in Actual National Security SituationA soldier stealing classified documents used Gaga as a cover.
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    Jerry Seinfeld Breaks His Silence About Lady GagaHe thinks she’s a jerk.
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    Lady Gaga’s Next Album to Be Like a Cake Full of Bitter JellyThat’s her metaphor, not ours!
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    Rumors About Lady Gaga’s Privates Finally Debunked?We sure hope so.
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    Lady Gaga’s Video for ‘Bad Romance’Read all about it over on The Cut!