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  1. art
    The Return of the Tribeca Art SceneEven though most artists can’t afford to live here, the galleries are back.
  2. When a Feminist Artist Is Censored by a Feminist GalleryNatalie Frank’s Story of O pictures scared a lot of people. Including her gallerist.
  3. What 2017 Needs From the Art World: A Commitment to New ArtAs a critic, I need to make a commitment to the art of this moment. I want the art world as a whole to do the same.
  4. Should Lower East Side Galleries Close Sundays?This may seem like a trivial question, but it’s actually about the art world’s whole balance of power.
  5. art
    Saltz on the Death of the Gallery ShowBetween online sales and art fairs, fewer and fewer people are showing up to see art in its natural habitat.
  6. 17 Comedians Who Died Too YoungLife has a depressing gallery of 17 groundbreaking comedians who died while in their prime. [via]
  7. movies
    Lil Jon Is Whoopi Goldberg: A Strangely Riveting Gallery of Celebrity LookalikesJeremy Piven is Kanye West.
  8. vulture lists
    10 Things We Learned at Chelsea’s New Art SeasonArtworks have shrunk, but sex still sells — and much more.
  9. art candy
    Thirty of John Currin’s Controversial WomenHis paintings of nude women have been both reviled and — especially since his 2003 mid-career survey at the Whitney — revered.
  10. the take
    New York ‘Times’ Profiles Wealthy CowardsThe Times investigates “art anxiety,” or, as we call it, “being chickenshit.”
  11. art candy
    That’s Mister Mr. to YouTakashi Murakami has already spawned multiple editions of just about every object imaginable — so it was only a matter of time before he spawned a candy-colored disciple too (or two, or, twenty, actually). Enter the first: Mr. (yes, just Mr.), a mysterious protégé and a product of Murakami’s “factory”-like Kaikai Kiki company-collective. Mr. wraps up his New York solo debut tomorrow at Lehmann Maupin. —Rachel Wolff
  12. art candy
    Flash Fire
  13. liner notes
    Slideshow: The Homeless ‘Get Lost’ Show