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Game Of Thrones Finale

  1. backstories
    An Oral History of Game of Thrones, As Told By Its Bit Players“Do you know how they keep cattle? That’s sort of how they keep us.”
  2. game of thrones
    Game of Thrones and the Function of Finale CallbacksLike many contemporary TV finales, “The Iron Throne” nodded to the series’ history as a means of providing closure for the story and fans alike.
  3. spoilers
    The Game of Thrones Finale, in 18 Essential GIFsThere was ice, there was fire, and there was A Song of Ice and Fire.
  4. tv review
    Game of Thrones Is Not What It Once WasWhat we have here is a classic case of something being gained while something else is being lost.
  5. What Jon Snow’s True Parentage Means for Game of ThronesThe show finally gave fans the answer to the question they’d been waiting for.
  6. 8 Lingering Game of Thrones Questions We Need AnsweredWe are insatiable as Cersei Lannister is drinking her revenge wine.
  7. character study
    Is There Any Arya Left in Arya?“Why is everyone amused by this? It’s insane! No one can go through all this and be fine.”
  8. rankings
    The Characters of Game of Thrones’ Saddest Season, Ranked by HappinessAre they all permanently trapped in a depressive tailspin, or is there a dragonfire at the end of the tunnel?
  9. close reads
    Does No Good Deed Go Unpunished on Game of Thrones?Despite what it seems like, Game of Thrones is not a nihilistic series.
  10. the vulture tv podcast
    Why Game of Thrones Is a Shakespearean Drama for 9-Year-OldsIn this week’s podcast, show-watchers review the finale and book-readers explain it.
  11. game of thrones finale
    What Happens to House Baratheon Now?The House is no more, and Stannis has only himself to blame.
  12. Game of Thrones’ Lena Headey on Cersei’s Long, Humiliating WalkAnd that new do.
  13. chat room
    GOT’s John Bradley on Sam’s Power of PersuasionAnd why he’s indirectly responsible for some deaths.
  14. endings
    Kit Harington: ‘It’s Like I’ve Been Sitting on This Big F*cking Secret’“Trust me, I’m sad, too.”
  15. let us discuss
    GOT: When Do Shocking Deaths Become a Gimmick?Shocking deaths are no longer shocking; they’re perfunctory.