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  1. Can a Video Game Ever Be a True Comedy?Dark humor runs through Portal 2, the massively successful 2011 offering from Valve Software. The game’s antagonist, GLaDOS (short for Genetic […]
  2. Play Holiday Party Bingo Holiday fun!
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    Great Moments in Fictional Sitcom GamesNew Girl’s True American is fun. But is it as fun as It’s Always Sunny’s Chardee MacDennis?
  4. pac-man
    Watch Pac-Man: The Movie, a Homemade Sci-Fi TributeSo, like, if Tron were yellow … ?
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    Watch a Homemade, Live-Action Short, Mega Man X8-bit IRL.
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    Watch Joel McHale in a Super-Meta Viral Campaign for Nintendo 3DSCan a video go viral if it’s about going viral? Joel McHale investigates.
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    Go Back to the Nineties With Our Community PogsTheir time has come.
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    Play ‘Spot the Difference’ With The Hunger Games!Highlights-style!
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    Play ‘Kanye Zone,’ a Flash Game About Kanye Getting ‘Into the Zone’Beware HOVA!
  10. the hunger games
    See What The Hunger Games Facebook Game Will Look LikePanem doesn’t look so bad from here, now does it?
  11. downton abbey
    See a Series of Magic: The Gathering–Esque Cards Inspired by Downton Abbey“Special Ability: Dinner.” Poor Mr. Carson!
  12. Hey, a Free Simpsons iPhone and iPad App Oh, baby. I can’t decide whether I’d rather play the free Simpsons game for iPhone and iPad, or watch Homer play it. Probably play, since the […]
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    Dungeons & Dragons Wants Fan Input for Fifth EditionOur suggestion: Everyone should get a chance to be Carlos the dwarf.
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    Behold: An Official Zelda TimelineAt last!
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    Brace Yourself for a Possible FarmVille MovieBecause of course.
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    Play the 8-Bit Saved By the Bell YouTube GameSave Kelly!
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    Play AMC’s Breaking Bad Flash GameThis is cool, but also possibly spoiler-y.
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    Play the ‘Terrence Malick Film or Nature Documentary?’ GameSlate, which invented the game, has very cutely titled it “Name That Thistle.”
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    Play Rock Paper Scissors Against a Computer With Predictive ReasoningThe computer is not joking around.
  20. Watch the Angry Birds Discuss Gay MarriageThey’re for it!
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    Learn How to Beat Four Super Mario Levels at the Same TimeWhoa.
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    Play GIRP, the Impossible Rock-Climbing Game From the Creator of QWOPIt’s equally infuriating!
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    Enjoy a Round of Big Lebowski MonopolyThe rug is one of the tokens.
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    Play ‘Famous Objects From Classic Movies,’ the GameYou’ll like it!
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    Play a Round of Arrested Development ClueIt was Gob, in the model home, with the chicken dance.
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    Fox Will Market Rio With New Angry Birds GameIt’s out in March.
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    Enjoy the Fruits of The Guardian’s Man-on-the-Street Celebrity Quiz“She’s fatter than Keira Knightley.”
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    Read a Scientific Breakdown of the Best Way to Win at MonopolyUsing probabilities and whatnot.
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    Play Camelot Smashalot, Monty Python’s Answer to Angry BirdsWith knights and peppy trumpet music.
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    Guess the Actress!“I had a chance to hug Cher and chat a moment with Christina. But forgot to take any more photos. My bad!”
  31. M*A*S*H*: The Video Game on the Atari 2600I write video games and I write and perform comedy. Both keep the lights on and I love both very, very much. Therefore, the ultimate […]
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    Guess the Comedian!“For stand-up I end up listening to really loud rap music before I go on. I like Eminem a lot.”
  33. Kenny Powers Home Run Fiesta Now Available for Your iPhoneKenny Powers is now the star of his very own iPhone/iPod Touch game: Kenny Powers Home Run Fiesta: “His game also is desirable because it is […]
  34. Saturday Night Live: The Board Game Is a Real ThingHoly smokes, there is an SNL board game. It’s just out now to commemorate the 35th anniversary of the show, as is traditional with 35th […]
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    NBC Lost $223 Million on the OlympicsOuch!
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    CBS Climbs Back Up PyramidThe game show is in the running to replace ‘As the World Turns.’
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    What Is Your Cultural Secret Shame?Which movie are you ashamed to admit you’ve never seen?
  38. the take
    Nussbaum: Why ‘Lost’ Is the Best Game Show in TV HistoryThe flash-forward was one of those splashy TV moments, like Kimberly pulling off her wig in ‘Melrose Place.’ But it’s paid off as more than just a gimmick.
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    Forget ‘Speed Racer’: The Sport of the Future Is TypeRacingThe future of competitive racing isn’t in driving electric Kool-Aid acid cars around a track. It’s typing.
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    Is Grand Theft Auto IV the Perfect New York City Stress Reliever? Yes.Did you have a crappy subway ride this morning? You probably need this video game.
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    Grand Theft Auto IV’s Map of New York ‘Liberty City’ LeaksIs your neighborhood accurately represented as a hotbed of vice and sin?
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    Gibson Guitars vs. Guitar HeroCan you patent the concept of air guitar?
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    Gary Gygax Dies, and a Million Wizards and Orcs WeepThe founder of Dungeons and Dragons was 69.
  44. apropos of nothing
    BREAKING! Beyoncé Schools Kanye in Connect Four!She took nine out of ten!
  45. apropos of nothing
    Genius Animated Time-Waster of the Day: MakibishiAs vivid and fantastical as a Gorillaz video, Makibishi Comic is interactive, bewildering, and frequently laugh-out-loud funny.
  46. pop trash
    Publisher Struggles to Get Anyone to Notice Its Innovative Guerrilla Marketing