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Garden State

  1. Zach Braff to Direct Black List Script BumpHere’s hoping it’s just like a Shins song and will change your life.
  2. Broad City Made Natalie Portman ‘Insecure’ About Garden StateThanks to Broad City.
  3. chat room
    Ann Dowd on The Leftovers and True Detective“Patti is a force to be reckoned with.”
  4. in defense
    In Defense of Zach Braff’s Garden StateHow our hatred of hipsters and emotional men made us hate a movie we once enjoyed.
  5. kickstarter
    Zach Braff Is Kickstarting His Garden State Follow-up Right NowDo you have an extra $2 million lying around?
  6. manic pixie dream girl
    Take a Trip to ‘the Home for [Cinema’s] Manic Pixie Dream Girls’All hail Queen Zooey!
  7. zach braff
    Zach Braff Is Writing a New Movie ‘In the Garden State Oeuvre’The National might be on the soundtrack.