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Gareth Evans

  1. a closer look
    The Mechanics of Putting Dan Stevens Through a Meat Grinder in ApostleDirector Gareth Evans breaks down a brutal brawl from his new movie.
  2. chat room
    Dan Stevens Reflects on the Days He Spent Covered in Mushy Bananas for ApostleHe also swam around in something called “the awful trough.”
  3. how they did it
    Gareth Evans Explains the Process Behind The Raid’s Craziest Action Scenes“There’s nothing worse than the notion of ‘finding the edit’ for an action sequence based on coverage. That’s the epitome of lazy filmmaking.”
  4. a guide to recognizing your gar(e)ths
    How to Tell Garth Davis From Gareth EdwardsA Guide to Recognizing Your Gar(e)ths.
  5. candy
    Watch: Raid Director Dissects His Five Favorite Fight ScenesLots o’ Jackie Chan.
  6. trailer mix
    The Raid 2: Berandal Trailer: Two Crime Families, One CopSuper cool.