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Gay Marriage

  1. love wins
    Colbert Courts Justice Scalia in New VideoPlease come on my show, sir.”
  2. celeb reactions
    How Celebrities Are Reacting to the Supreme Court Legalizing Same-Sex MarriageSam Smith, Jussie Smollett, Ellen DeGeneres, and more.
  3. love wins
    Celebs Cheer for Ireland After Gay-Marriage VoteMiley Cyrus put it best: “F*ck yeah Ireland!”
  4. Cam and Mitch May Finally Wed on ‘Modern Family’After yesterday’s court ruling that struck down the Defense of Marriage Act and overturned California’s Proposition 8, Modern Family’s Cameron […]
  5. Jason Jones and Al Madrigal Got Hitched Last Night on ‘The Daily Show’ Since yesterday’s historic Supreme Court ruling essentially mandated that everyone dissolve their straight marriages and jump into gay […]
  6. gay marriage
    Modern Family May See a Gay Wedding Thanks to the Supreme Court“It’s a real possibility,” says the show’s co-creator.
  7. ‘SNL’ Review: Ben Affleck and the End of an EraWhat a weepy week it was for comedy nerds. NBC packed a double-whammy of goodbyes, with The Office’s poignant series finale last Thursday, […]
  8. KFC Is Happy to Corner the Gay Chicken Market 1. John Goodman is the best. 2. Who else really wants some fried chicken with a side of gravy right now? 3. John Goodman is the best. […]
  9. burlesque
    Kristen Bell and Cher Are Text BuddiesOf course they are.
  10. clickables
    Watch Tons of News Anchors Say the Same Thing About Conan O’Brien’s Gay WeddingEnvelope: pushed.
  11. Conan O’Brien To Marry Two Dudes (To Each Other) Following my initial wave of excitement upon seeing “Conan O’Brien Gay Marriage” in a url (such dreams I have!) is this second wave of […]
  12. clickables
    Watch Mo’Nique Go to Bat for Marriage EqualityShe means business.
  13. vulture recommends
    Hey, New York Legislators, Today’s Vulture Recommends Is for YouKyle Buchanan gives his favorite onscreen same-sex kisses.
  14. movies
    Watch Justin Long and Mike White Get MarriedBecause married gay people get boring, too.