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  1. The Strange, Twisted Story Behind Netflix’s Voyeur How two directors got a private peep at Gay Talese’s infamous motel story.
  2. Voyeur Fails to Add Much Insight to Gay Talese’s Notorious StorySomeone, somewhere, thinks we can’t get enough of Gerald Foos.
  3. Gay Talese to Kevin Spacey Accusers: ‘Suck It Up Once in a While!’“I feel so sad, and I hate that actor that ruined this guy’s career.”
  4. See Gay Talese Lurk in the Shadows in New Clip From VoyeurA documentary about the author’s experience writing The Voyeur’s Motel.
  5. film adaptations
    Sam Mendes Scraps His Gay Talese The Voyeur’s Motel FilmWe guess you can say … he checked out.
  6. last night on late night
    Gay Talese: ‘The Washington Post Was Wrong’“I overreacted. I was very angry.”
  7. Gay Talese Explains the Voyeur’s Motel Mess“It sets me off into a great sense of despair, humiliation. But I wasn’t Jayson Blair. They compared me to Rolling Stone.
  8. bad information
    Gay Talese Goes Back on His Disavowal of The Voyeur’s Motel“If, down the line, there are details to correct in later editions, we’ll do that.”
  9. chat room
    Buster Poindexter on His Return to Café Carlyle“A lot of people think Buster is a character, but it’s not really. It’s kind of a conceit.”
  10. sinatra’s centennial
    50 Years Later, Gay Talese Revisits ‘Frank Sinatra Has a Cold’Every J school has embraced Gay Talese’s 1966 Esquire write-around on Sinatra as a gold standard in New Journalism profile-writing. Fifty years later, Talese himself seems slightly puzzled by its acclaim.
  11. party chats
    Gay Talese: Don’t Be Surprised Atticus Is Racist“It was a period when there was very little social conscience.”
  12. remembrances
    Gay Talese on Mad Men and the Sexual Revolution“Wife-swapping, key parties, bed hoppers, communes; that was all happening around that time.”
  13. the take
    Gay Talese Writing Memoir of His … Gulp … Open Marriage?We wouldn’t be so concerned about one old man’s priapism if Gay Talese wasn’t married to Nan Talese.