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  1. Jeff Goldblum Stars in the Best Lightbulb Infomercial Ever Directed by Tim […]It’s not often that a mega corporation like GE can pull off an ad that’s funnier than it is shameless, but this new spot directed by Tim […]
  2. Watch the Media-Conspiracy TV Funhouse Segment SNL Banned in 1998 Marc Maron just Tweeted the link to this video, a Robert Smigel-written TV Funhouse segment in which the educational program Conspiracy Theory […]
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    NBCU Worth More Than Anyone ThoughtIt’s because of E!
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    G.E. Reaches Deal to Buy All of NBC So it Can Turn Around and Sell ItIt only cost them $5.8 billion.
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    NBC-Comcast Deal ‘Close’An announcement could come next week, says the ‘Times.’
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    GE Recycles Water, Woody Allen HumorOn the off chance that this is actually how rain is made, you’ll definitely want to pack an umbrella today.