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Gender Issues

  1. gender issues
    What Even Our Best Blockbusters Are Still Getting Wrong About WomenJust look at Dawn of the Planet of the Apes.
  2. gender issues
    Are Summer Movies Getting Any Better For Women?We’ve got a few new movies coming out starring women, but why have there been so few until now?
  3. gender issues
    The Wolverine Is This Summer’s Bechdel-Friendly BlockbusterA rarity among action movies this summer, The Wolverine has four primary female characters. Director James Mangold explains.
  4. gender issues
    There Isn’t Much Room for Women in the Future of Pacific RimWhy Pacific Rim isn’t quite the female-friendly movie we’d hoped.
  5. gender issues
    Boardwalk Empire’s Lady ProblemThere’s one well-developed female character, and three mostly naked ones.
  6. equal-arty
    Saltz on Art’s Triumph: Women Win Slim Majority in Next Whitney BiennialThis will prove once and for all that women artists are no better and no worse than their male counterparts.