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  1. The Comedy Luminaries We Lost in 2016 The verdict is in and 2016 was a real whopper of a year, one that’s felt more like the Twilight Zone or ever-so-slightly less intense episode […]
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    Warner Bros. Wants a Willy Wonka PrequelFrom the man behind the Harry Potter movies.
  3. Just Barely Remembering ‘Something Wilder’, Gene Wilder’s Ill-Fated 90s […] When Gene Wilder shocked a world that didn’t know he had been wrestling with Alzheimer’s by dying recently, he was mourned extensively. He […]
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    Young Frankenstein to Play in Over 500 TheatersOnly on October 5.
  5. Mel Brooks Destroyed at Radio City Music Hall Last NightMel Brooks won’t sit down. The good people at Radio City Music Hall have set up two chairs on stage, one for the moderator Kevin Salter and one […]
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    Two Gene Wilder Films Are Returning to TheatersWilder died Monday at the age of 83.
  7. Mel Brooks Looks Back on Meeting Gene Wilder on ‘The Tonight Show’Here’s a clip from last night’s Tonight Show, where Mel Brooks looks back on the very first time he met Gene Wilder backstage at a play, which […]
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    Mel Brooks Remembers His ‘Dear Friend’ Gene Wilder on The Tonight Show“He was such a wonderful part of my life.”
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    Watch Gene Wilder’s 2005 Interview With ConanWilder talks about Willy Wonka, arguing with Mel Brooks, and sexual chemistry with Richard Pryor.
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    Willy Wonka’s Charlie: Gene Wilder’s Death Is ‘Like Losing a Parent’“You know it’s going to happen, but it’s still a shock.”
  11. Gene Wilder’s 8 Most Iconic RolesFrom Willy Wonka to the Waco Kid.
  12. James Corden Looks Back on the Time He Met Gene Wilder on ‘The Late Late […]At the beginning of last night’s Late Late Show, James Corden took a few minutes to respond to the news that comedy icon Gene Wilder passed […]
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    James Corden Pays Tribute to Gene Wilder“Even his email sounded somehow like Willy Wonka!”
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    A Guide to Where You Can Watch Gene Wilder Movies on DemandYou won’t find any free streaming options, but many titles are available through VOD.
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    Gene Wilder’s Genius Was in His Simmering HysteriaThe comic icon could go deep into himself and still be the greatest audience imaginable for his fellow clowns.
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    Celebrities React to the Death of Gene Wilder“He blessed every film we did with his magic,” Mel Brooks said.
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    Gene Wilder, the Original Willy Wonka, Dead at 83He starred in Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, as well as many Mel Brooks films.
  18. Comedy Legend Gene Wilder Dies at 83One of comedy’s biggest stars has passed away. According to AP, comedy film legend Gene Wilder died last night due to complications from […]
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    Forgotten Movies That Will Stop Family Feuds Over the HolidaysThese obscure but delightful picks will stop the brawls that break out over finding a film to stream that nobody has seen.
  20. Gene Wilder Had a Very Specific Image of Willy Wonka“The hat is terrific, but making it 2 inches shorter would make it more special,” wrote Gene Wilder in a letter to Willy Wonka director Mel […]
  21. Which Comedian Had the Greatest Five-Year Span of Films?In the days leading up to the release of Tower Heist, one of the many, many stories I read about Eddie Murphy stated that from roughly […]
  22. The Lost Roles of Richard PryorOne of the most acclaimed and respected stand-up comedians of all time, Richard Pryor shot to fame in the 1970’s and proved to be a charismatic […]
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    15 Most Dynamic Duos in Pop Culture HistoryWho are the best buddies of all time — in movies, literature, TV, and music?