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General Hospital

  1. daytime tv
    Even Soap Operas Are Running Out of Episodes Because of the CoronavirusIn a few days, it’ll be all reruns for The Young and the Restless and The Bold and the Beautiful.
  2. rip
    General Hospital Star Susan Brown Dead at 86“It’s a very sad day in Port Charles,” says Frank Valentini, the show’s executive producer.
  3. tv history
    Remembering TV’s Day of Compassion, 25 Years LaterIn June 1993, AIDS and HIV-related story lines took over daytime TV. Here’s how it happened.
  4. r.i.p.
    General Hospital’s Barbara Tarbuck Dead at 74Tarbuck played Mother Claudia in AHS: Asylum.
  5. product placement
    Doctor Strange Gets an Odd Product PlacementAh, product integration!
  6. exits
    Steve Burton Leaving General HospitalJason!
  7. francophile
    James Franco Defends Deposed General Hospital Showrunner“Anyone in Soaps would be a fool not to want to work with her.”
  8. soaps
    ABC Replaces General Hospital Showrunner in Hail MaryThe outlook is not good in Port Charles.
  9. francophile
    James Franco Cracks Oscar Jokes on General Hospital“Look, I could chat all night but I have to run. I have a big event to attend. Very, very big deal.”
  10. clickables
    See a Gratuitious Photo of James Franco on the Set of General HospitalFranco as Franco. In a tux!
  11. francophile
    James Franco Returning to General HospitalFor two episodes.
  12. francophile
    On General Hospital, James Franco Goes to the MuseumAnd delivers a video message to the crowd.
  13. franco-phile
    James Franco’s Character on General Hospital Gets a First NameBobby!
  14. francophile
    Jeffrey Deitch Will Appear on General Hospital With James FrancoThe new MOCA director’s already going Hollywood.
  15. franco-phile
    James Franco Barely on General Hospital Today!Fingers crossed for more tomorrow.
  16. franco-phile
    James Franco’s Glorious Return to General HospitalFranco poses a homeless man on ‘GH’ today.
  17. tv
    Watch a Preview of James Franco’s Return to General Hospital TodayThe episode airs this afternoon at 3 p.m. Eastern.
  18. franco-phile
    James Franco’s Performance Art Is Never DoneHe’s coming back to ‘General Hospital.’
  19. franco-phile
    Daytime Emmys Fail to Nominate James FrancoBig mistake. Huge.
  20. party chat
    James Franco Talks General HospitalAnd he confirms that the love affair with his ‘30 Rock’ pillow still continues.
  21. franco
    James Franco Announces His New Gallery Show, Done General Hospital Style!Even after his ‘GH’ stint ends, Franco the artist will live on!
  22. franco
    James Franco Explains His Art in WSJIn a ‘Wall Street Journal’ op-ed today, James Franco explains his high-concept appearance on ‘General Hospital.’
  23. franco-phile
    James Franco Debuts on General HospitalJames Franco lent his talents to General Hospital today, and we were there to watch just the parts that he was in.
  24. franco-phile
    ABC Teases Us With Clips of James Franco on General HospitalJust some guys having a shootout. No big deal.
  25. franco
    James Franco’s Stint on General Hospital All for Some Art Movie“We’re going to make the best movie ever made.”
  26. franco
    At Last, James Franco’s General Hospital Promo Arrives“The secret to life? Anyone can die at anytime.”
  27. chat room
    James Franco Explains His General Hospital Role“I’ve got other ideas for my participation in this soap opera beyond just being in this soap opera.”
  28. francowatch
    The Fug Girls Applaud James Franco’s Decision to Join General Hospital“This latest move not only takes the cake, but frosts it with awesome.”
  29. soaps
    James Franco Couldn’t Look More Like a Soap Opera CharacterThe actor’s first ‘General Hospital’ photo is released.
  30. the industry
    Anne Hathaway and Neil Patrick Harris Headed to RioPlus: Sex! Chefs! Soap-opera stars!
  31. soaps
    Passion for Performance Art Led James Franco to General HospitalLet’s just hope he’s growing out a man-perm mullet like Luke did in the early eighties.
  32. soaps
    James Franco Soon to Be Slumming It on Daytime TelevisionWe’re well aware that the cost of going to college has skyrocketed, but this is getting ridiculous!