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  1. last night on late night
    Desus and Mero Found the Spookiest Thing: a Gentrified BronxSoon the whole studio will be condos.
  2. concert review
    Jay-Z Continues to Lay Out the Blueprint for How to Age in Rap With B-Sides 2As Jay told the crowd, he can’t help it if his B sides are A sides.
  3. not the onion
    Sesame Street Introduces Its First Homeless MuppetThe show wants to destigmatize housing insecurity.
  4. vulture insiders book club
    Breakout Author Jamel Brinkley on Men, Gentrification, and ‘Safari Literature’His debut collection, Lucky Man, was a fiction finalist for last week’s National Book Awards.
  5. the industry
    LeBron James and Ron Funches Are Making a Comedy About Gentrification for NBCIt’s called There Goes the Neighborhood.
  6. videology
    PJ Harvey’s New Song Exposes D.C. GentrificationThe former mayor’s office has compared her to Piers Morgan.
  7. chat room
    Morgan Freeman on ’60s NYC, Bigotry, and Why God Looks Like Him“God looks like me.”