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George Bush

  1. ntwhcd
    Will Ferrell Brings Back George W. Bush Impression“For the longest time, I was considered the worst president of all time. That has changed.”
  2. Look, America: Fred Armisen’s Obama Impersonation Might Be Too BoringJason Zinoman’s latest comedy column takes issue with Fred Armisen’s Obama impersonation, which he describes as the culmination of an SNL trend […]
  3. President Bush Announces the Downfall of His Greatest Enemy, the Location […] In this Funny Or Die video starring Will Ferrell, cowritten by Adam McKay and Chris Kelly, former President Bush stops by the Sizzler to […]
  4. George W. Bush Joins Jay Leno, Fittingly There are many obvious jokes to make about Jay Leno and George W. Bush, but I’ll just say this: are there any two people who better exemplify […]
  5. Quiz: Who Said It, George Bush or Will Ferrell’s George Bush?George W. Bush is back! Just in time to miss the November midterms, the ex-president is back in the news and in late-night comedy routines. Did […]