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  1. poignancy
    It Happened: George Lucas Met Baby Yoda“Now I am become Death, Creator of Puppets.”
  2. a star war
    George Lucas Felt ‘Betrayed’ When Disney Ditched His Star Wars PlotsDisney CEO Bob Iger’s new book reveals details.
  3. what might have been
    Mark Hamill Confirms He Wanted George Lucas to Make Boba Fett Luke’s MomHow else do you top “Luke, I am your father?”
  4. helpful suggestions
    George Lucas Gave Ron Howard One Little Directing Tip for SoloWho knows Han better than George Lucas?
  5. All 19 Star Wars-Themed Sketches Produced By Saturday Night LiveFrom Bill Murray’s lounge singer in 1978 up through Donald Glover’s bit about diversity in a galaxy far, far away.
  6. 11 Star Wars Prequel Ideas Abandoned by George LucasIncluding “You might say I’m your father” and Jar Jar’s sidekick.
  7. coming attractions
    George Lucas Building $1 Billion Museum in L.A.The Lucas Museum of Narrative Art has found a home in L.A.’s Exposition Park.
  8. roll clip!
    Let’s Remember That Time When Carrie Fisher Lovingly Roasted George Lucas“Every time I look in the mirror I have to send you a check for a couple of bucks.”
  9. origin stories
    Star Wars Logo Designer Discusses Its Nazi RootsGeorge Lucas asked for something “intimidating.”
  10. the people vs. george lucas
    Sadder Than Anakin’s Fall: George Lucas Drops Plans for His Chicago Art Museum“No one benefits from continuing their seemingly unending litigation to protect a parking lot.”
  11. star wars countdown
    Star Wars and Saturday Night Live’s Long History in 16 SketchesSNL and Star Wars are like kids who grew up down the street from one another, tons of teasing included of course.
  12. roll clip!
    Lucas Likens TFA to a ‘Breakup’ [Updated]In an interview with Charlie Rose.
  13. star wars
    Francis Ford Coppola Calls Star Wars ‘A Pity’Friend wars.
  14. star wars
    George Lucas Delivered His Verdict on The Force AwakensThe guy who created J.J. Abrams’s characters weighs in on the new Star Wars movie.
  15. star wars
    George Lucas ‘Really Liked’ The Force AwakensAccording to Lucasfilm president Kathleen Kennedy.
  16. star wars
    George Lucas Didn’t Want to ‘Ruin’ New Star WarsHe told the Post he tried not to stand in J.J. Abrams’s way.
  17. controversial changes
    George Lucas Explains Why He Edited the ‘Han Shot First’ Scene“Should he be a cold-blooded killer?”
  18. what-ifs
    What Would Ron Howard’s Phantom Menace Be Like?Or any Ron Howard superhero movie, for that matter.
  19. star wars
    George Lucas Is Star Wars’s Snarky Grandpa Now“You go to make a movie and all you do is get criticized.”
  20. Stephen Colbert Knows What a Lightsaber Is, George LucasIt was all a complete misunderstanding!
  21. star wars
    J.J. Abrams Talks Star Wars With George LucasAlso, he’s a huge Katie Couric fan.
  22. the industry
    George Lucas Gives USC a $10 Million Endowment for Black and Latino StudentsFrom the George Lucas Family Foundation.
  23. star wars
    George Lucas Says Jar Jar Binks Was Based on Goofy, AhyuckBut does it rationalize one of the biggest goofs in movie history?
  24. tribeca film festival
    Colbert Interviewed Lucas About Star WarsThe two shared the stage as part of the Tribeca Talks: Directors series.
  25. star wars
    George Lucas Shares Long-Lost Darth Vader Audition Tapes (It’s a Bit)At a gala for James Earl Jones.
  26. coulda shoulda
    George Lucas Almost Directed Star Wars: Episode VII“The time is more important to me than the money.”
  27. movies
    George Lucas Hasn’t Watched the Star Wars Teaser Trailer“I don’t know anything about it.”
  28. tourist attractions
    George Lucas Is Opening a Museum in ChicagoCongrats to the Windy City.
  29. books
    Drafting Darth Vader: Star Wars StoryboardsChewbacca, R2-D2, and C-3PO didn’t emerge fully formed from George Lucas’s brain in 1977.
  30. babies
    George Lucas and Mellody Hobson Have a New BabyEverest Hobson Lucas.
  31. movies
    David Edelstein and Producer Lynda Obst on Hollywood’s Blockbuster Problem“A studio would rather invest $250 million in one film than make a whole bunch of really interesting, deeply personal projects.”
  32. party chat
    Sam Rockwell Dressed As a Care Bear for George Lucas’s Daughter For George Lucas’s daughter.
  33. times are tough all over
    Lincoln Was Almost an HBO MovieSays Steven Spielberg. And he would know.
  34. vulture reads
    Sunday Reads: Ephron’s Illness, Buying Star WarsAnother excuse to stay indoors.
  35. star wars episode 7
    Lucas Says Fisher, Hamill, Ford Are Signed OnFinally.
  36. star wars episode 7
    It’s Official: J.J. Abrams Will Direct New Star WarsGeorge Lucas thinks it’s a great idea.
  37. franchises
    UPDATE: Zack Snyder Preps Star Wars FilmIt was to be a Jedi tale based on Seven Samurai that may be set outside of Episodes VII through IX.
  38. love
    George Lucas Engaged to Mellody HobsonHe’s really leaving those Star Wars stresses behind him.
  39. burning questions
    Seven Questions We Have About Star Wars: Episode 7Who will direct? And what does this mean for Indiana Jones 5?
  40. directors
    Who Are Hollywood’s Most Secretive Directors?Including Malick, Abrams, and Nolan.
  41. boasts
    Star Wars TV Show Is ‘Deadwood in Space’“These aren’t for kids.”
  42. re-releasing
    Spielberg to Put Guns Back in E.T.No walkie-talkies to see here. Move along now.
  43. star wars
    Nineteen Things You Didn’t Know About Star WarsGeorge Lucas diagnosed with hypertension? Get outta here!
  44. as himself
    Watch a Supercut of Celebrities Playing Jerky Versions of ThemselvesFrom now on, we’ll call this “Van Der Beek-ing.”
  45. star wars
    The History of George Lucas’s Star Wars Rerelease Cash GrabEvery tweak, revision, DVD, Blu-ray, and their rationales, told in a way that any Star Wars fan can instantly relate to.
  46. the people vs. george lucas
    George Lucas Now Actively Trolling Fanboys With All His Might“It’s not a religious event. It’s a movie, just a movie.”
  47. George Lucas Would Prefer to Be Interviewed by ChildrenFor the upcoming 3-D rerelease of The Phantom Menace.
  48. George Lucas Claims He’s Retiring From BlockbustersThough he will still defend the “fridge-nuking” from Indiana Jones.
  49. red tails
    Watch Seven Minutes of George Lucas’s Red TailsGeorge Lucas isn’t doing Star Wars anymore, so enjoy some time with Red Tails.
  50. George Lucas Is Still Puzzling Over Indiana Jones 5“I haven’t really found the MacGuffin yet.”
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