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  1. odes
    Long Live Gerard Butler, and the Gerard Butler MovieHe is an action star for the age of the declining action star, and he’s almost single-handedly keeping a very specific type of film alive.
  2. movie review
    The Vanishing Is a Phenomenally Well-Made ThrillerYou’ll never want to go in a lighthouse again.
  3. movie review
    Sub Thriller Hunter Killer Is a Satisfyingly Clichéd Throwback to Simpler TimesGerard Butler stars in an undersea thriller filled with sub-movie hallmarks and featuring a competent American government trying to do its best.
  4. disaster movies
    So What Exactly Is Going On With Gerard Butler’s Geostorm?Jerry Bruckheimer was brought in to oversee reshoots, Andy García is president, and there’s something called “Dutch Boy.”
  5. sequels
    Gerard Butler Set for Sequel Angel Has FallenThe bad guys are after Gerard this time.
  6. movie review
    Gods of Egypt Is Like Watching Someone Else Play a Video GameThe Gods (or whoever made this movie) must be crazy.
  7. trailer mix
    Watch the First Gods of Egypt Movie TrailerGerard Butler rips out a magic eyeball, and the plot just goes up from there.
  8. trailer mix
    London Has Fallen Trailer: It’s Explosion TimeHere we go again.
  9. casting couch
    Gerard Butler Replaced in Point Break RemakeEdgar Ramirez is your new Bodhi, people.
  10. casting couch
    Gerard Butler in Talks for Point Break RemakeHe’d play the Patrick Swayze part.
  11. most valuable stars 2013
    10 Actors Who Fell Off the Most Valuable Stars ListBlake Lively, Keanu Reeves, Gwyneth Paltrow, and seven others who were on last year’s list but didn’t make the cut for 2013.
  12. sports
    Bradley Cooper and Gerard Butler: A Wimbledon Love StoryWith selfies.
  13. movie review
    Edelstein on Olympus Has Fallen: Hollywood Has Made Us a Vengeful NationThis revenge-happy “White House under siege” movie is a disgusting piece of work, but it certainly hits its marks.
  14. last night on late night
    Timberlake, Fallon: 2 Singing Summer Camp DorksPlus: Despite what the Spring Breakers have been saying, James Franco didn’t actually stay in character the whole time, and more, on our daily late-night roundup.
  15. trailer park
    Olympus Has Fallen Trailer: Gerard Butler Is America’s Only Hope= Die Hard x (Air Force One - flying)
  16. movie review
    Movie Review: Playing for Keeps Can’t Stop Humping Its Own LegGerard Butler and Jessica Biel star.
  17. casting couch
    Gerard Butler Books Another Soccer Movie, DynamoHe’ll play a Ukrainian goalie in the WWII-set Dynamo.
  18. movie review
    Chasing Mavericks: This Surfing Movie Is Point BlahHow could two Oscar-nominated filmmakers (Curtis Hanson and Michael Apted) have worked on this stiff surfing movie?
  19. delays
    Backers Shut Down Motor CityThe crew of the Albert Hughes thriller was sent home today. 
  20. trailer mix
    Playing for Keeps Trailer: Gerard Butler, Soccer SlutHe wants to coach, but ladies want to get into his soccer shorts.
  21. trailer park
    Chasing Mavericks Trailer: Gerard Butler, Surf GuruBearded and hanging ten.
  22. casting couch
    Gerard Butler Cast in White House Action MovieHe’ll play an ex-Secret Service agent. 
  23. last night on late night
    Last Night on Late Night: Demi Lovato Doesn’t Know a Lick of SpanishPlus: Paula Abdul has an awkward interview with David Letterman, and more, on our daily late-night roundup.
  24. trailer mix
    Machine Gun Preacher Trailer: Finally, a Story About How Sudan’s Civil War Affected a White American GuyStarring Gerard Butler.
  25. the industry
    Industry: Carey Mulligan Will Play Daisy BuchananPlus: Blossom joins the cast of ‘The Big Bang Theory.’
  26. tv
    Gerard Butler Is Developing a Pinkerton TV SeriesWeezer fans, this one isn’t for you.
  27. the industry
    Industry Roundup: Kristen Bell to Save WhalesPlus: Dr. Strange finally gets his due.
  28. the industry
    Industry Roundup: Hopkins, Butler, MonaghanPlus: Maxwell and Jill Scott embark on a tour.
  29. fugging it up
    The Fug Girls Rate the New Male Movie StarsFrom Ryan Reynolds to Joseph Gordon-Levitt to Alex O’Loughlin, who will replace the stars of yesterdecade?
  30. pranks
    Gerard Butler Caught Grabbing Jen Aniston’s ButtPhoto shows what goes on behind the scenes in fan photos.
  31. last night on late night
    Late Night: Tina Fey’s Hilarious DaughterPlus Gerard Butler doesn’t understand jokes on our regular late-night roundup.
  32. critical drubbings
    A.O. Scott: Butler and Aniston Play ‘Blunted, Dumbed-Down Caricatures’’Times’ critic tears ‘Bounty Hunter’ apart in amusing fashion.
  33. Jessica Simpson Is RightPlus: Gerard Butler is getting Benjamin Button–ed.
  34. cheek by jowl
    Face-off: The Bounty Hunter’s Gerard Butler vs. Boba FettCan Gerard Butler keep up with cinema’s most ruthless bounty hunter?
  35. quote machine
    Kristen Stewart Treated Dakota Fanning Like a LadyPlus: Gerard Butler used to get laid way more.
  36. party lines
    Butler Discusses Oscars at Cosmo AwardsHe’s presenting at the awards show and hatched a plan.
  37. thespians
    Outtakes From The Ugly Truth Show Off Gerard Butler’s Improv SkillsHe’s clearly been studying up on Del Close.
  38. the industry
    Gerard Butler Brings Shakespeare Into the NowPlus: Helen Mirren! The Berenstain Bears! Kirstie Alley!
  39. quote machine
    Jason Bateman on His Small, Funny PackagePlus: Hilary Swank gets ornery.
  40. snl
    SNL Books Some HostsMegan Fox, Ryan Reynolds, Drew Barrymore, and Gerard Butler will host the first four episodes this season.
  41. trailer mix
    Law Abiding Citizen Trailer: Gerard Butler Is Still in Search of an IdentitySounds (and looks) like a stretch to us.
  42. quote machine
    That Wasn’t Tracy Morgan You Saw Last NightPlus: Ryan Reynolds no fan of sex scenes.
  43. british invasion
    Pics: Hugh Dancy and Today’s Swooniest BritsWe seem to be having a British moment. Not that we’re complaining.
  44. orgasms
    When It Comes to Onscreen Orgasms, Katherine Heigl Is No Meg RyanBetter luck next time, Heigl.
  45. the industry
    Jason Sudeikis to Woo Jennifer Aniston, UnsuccessfullyPlus: ‘Red Dawn’! ‘Bride of Frankenstein’! Greg Kinnear!
  46. trailer mix
    Gamer Trailer Makes Us Nervous About the Future of Video GamesWe love Neveldine/Taylor, but this doesn’t look to be much of an improvement on ‘The Running Man.’
  47. trailer mix
    Katherine Heigl Shoots for Rom-Com Dominance in The Ugly TruthWe can’t believe we’re typing this, but we think there might be some potential in this one.
  48. the industry
    Keanu Reeves to Avenge Death of His Samurai Master, Presumably With His ActingPlus: That 9-year old who wrote the dating book finally gets a movie deal.
  49. the industry
    Citizen FoxxPlus: ‘Beethoven 6!’
  50. quote machine
    M. Night Shyamalan’s Crazy Fan Base Is Always PreparedPlus: Gerard Butler on jock straps!
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