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  1. suspiria
    A German History Primer for the Confused Suspiria ViewerFrom the lingering remnants of the Nazi era to the Red Army Faction and the “German Autumn.”
  2. tv
    Why Deutschland 86 Isn’t a ‘Black-and-White’ Cold War Spy StoryCreators Anna and Jörg Winger on the follow-up season to their cult thriller about an East German spy.
  3. q&a & excerpt
    Ali Fitzgerald on Her New Comic About Refugees and Germany’s Rising NativismThe creator of Hungover Bear turns serious with Drawn to Berlin — plus an excerpt.
  4. Let’s Talk About Babylon Berlin’s Twisty, Shocking EndingIf you haven’t watched this Netflix show, you’re missing a wild, completely unpredictable journey.
  5. How Babylon Berlin Turned 1920s Germany Into a Wild, Historical-Fiction FantasyDirector Tom Tykwer on the dance clubs, flapper girls, and political violence in his new Netflix show.
  6. ‘Conan Without Borders: Berlin’ Airs on TBS Wednesday December 7thConan O’Brien’s newest remote special just got a premiere date. Titled Conan Without Borders: Berlin, the special airs on TBS Wednesday, […]
  7. Conan O’Brien Announces His Next Special ‘Conan in Berlin’Conan O’Brien is heading across the pond for his next remote special. During his interview with Flula Borg last night, O’Brien revealed that […]
  8. Meet the German Comedian Whose Racist Joke Caused an International Crisis Germany is a country with many problems – ineffectual politicians, right-wing violence, the dismal living conditions of refugees – but […]
  9. books
    Mein Kampf Published in Germany for the First Time in 70 YearsHitler’s infamous book has entered the public domain in Germany.
  10. force be with you
    A German Church Held a Star Wars ServiceReligion is cool!
  11. music
    ’90s Anti-Nazi Song Tops the Charts AgainSprechen sie hit!
  12. Discovering the Comedic Melting Pot in the Heart of BerlinAfter watching three German comics perform odd character bits with no punchlines, Alex Upatov didn’t have high hopes for the Berlin standup […]
  13. international affairs
    Justin Bieber’s Monkey Now Belongs to Germany It’s probably for the best.
  14. They’re Making an ‘Office’ Movie…in GermanyAs you may know, there are a whole slew of localized versions of The Office, and it looks like one of them, Germany’s Stromberg, is headed to […]
  15. laughter
    See Train Passengers in Germany Break Out Into an Unending Fit of LaughterLaughter is contagious, even in Germany.
  16. clickables
    Tour Miniatur Wunderland Hamburg, the Largest Model Railway in the WorldThis is one of their biggest tourist attractions because, holy cow, EVERYTHING IS SO TINY!
  17. Germans Don’t Much Like Pete Doherty’s Nazi AnthemThat’s why they booed him off the stage.
  18. gelingen
    Germans Warming to 30 RockRatings are up 500 percent!
  19. apropos of nothing
    Look What the Kids Have Found on MySpace NowIn this morning’s Times, Kelefa Sanneh bravely reports on Monday’s enthusiastically attended show at Irving Plaza by Tokio Hotel, the latest German hair-metal band to capture the imagination of America’s teenagers.