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Gianfranco Ferre

  1. Are the Celebrities on Team Letterman?A look at the upcoming lineups for both shows certainly seems to indicate as much!
  2. zack morris
    Mark-Paul Gosselaar Glues On His Zack Morris Wig for Jimmy FallonPrepare to be shocked and then maybe a little saddened!
  3. the industry
    If You Have a Problem and No One Else Can Help — and If You Can Find Them — Maybe You Can Hire Liam Neeson and Bradley CooperPlus: James Franco to act in movie for extra credit.
  4. delays
    Courtney Love’s Menstruation-Sponsored Album Still on TrackLove was evidently supposed to release a new album yesterday through her Website, but it’s been delayed for a host of perfectly understandable reasons.
  5. quote machine
    DMX’s New Album Is Totally Going on Jesus’s iPodPlus: Janet Jackson!
  6. the early-evening news
    Chuck Norris Sent to Iraq — Mission Accomplished!News about Lauren Graham, the Sex Pistols, and Phil Spector!