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  1. tv
    Please Enjoy These Very Satisfying GIFs From Tidying Up With Marie KondoFolding clothes has never looked so soothing.
  2. videology
    The Bougiest Things Happening in Jennifer Lopez and Cardi B’s ‘Dinero’ VideoTurns out, her love costs a lot of things.
  3. on comedy
    Sarah Huckabee Sanders and Most Memorable Reactions From Correspondents’ DinnerSome people are … quite unhappy.
  4. vulture lists
    Arie and Lauren’s 11 Most Sensual Moments on The BachelorHas there ever been a Bachelor couple with this much pure, unadulterated passion?
  5. game shows
    The Best Austin Rogers Moments From Jeopardy!’s Tournament of ChampionsYou know you missed those pantomimes.
  6. vulture lists
    The Most Delightful Austin Rogers GIFs From His Astounding Jeopardy! RunDance moves, pantomimes, and celebratory arm swings galore.
  7. dance like nobody's watching
    Enjoy Some GIFs of Haim’s Dance Moves in Their ‘Little of Your Love’ VideoThe Paul Thomas Anderson video feels like a sequel to “Want You Back.”
  8. wight in a bag
    A Tribute to the Wight in a Bag, a Crucial Player in GoT’s Latest BattleThe wight in a bag is mostly here to wriggle.
  9. art du jour
    All of the Best Crying GIFs From Twin Peaks: The ReturnBring on the Lynchian waterworks.
  10. music videos
    All the GIFs You Need From Jay-Z’s Friends Parody Video for ‘Moonlight’They’ve got the coordinated umbrella opening down.
  11. longing
    All the Sexual-Tension GIFs You Need From the Call Me by Your Name TrailerLonging so intense, we had to GIF it.
  12. art du jour
    Your GIF Guide to the Most WTF Moments in the Sharknado 5 TrailerFifth time’s the charm?
  13. videology
    Please Enjoy GIFs of Haim’s Dance Moves From Their ‘Want You Back’ VideoYour Saturday-night choreography is all set.
  14. food porn
    All the Food GIFs You Need From Master of None Season Two*chef’s kiss*
  15. gifs
    A GIF Breakdown of the Oscars’ Last-Minute Best Picture SwitcharooA step-by-step breakdown to the Oscar Shocker.
  16. gift
    All the Rita Moreno GIFs From One Day at a Time You Need in Your LifeGoals.
  17. refreshers
    The Best Moments From House of Cards Season 3 in 20 GIFsHouse of Cards’ treachery finally hit the campaign trail.
  18. i'd ship that
    ‘Rihanna and Drake Should Just Hurry Up and Date Already,’ These ‘Work’ GIFs Say#RelationshipGoals.
  19. i'd ship that
    All the Rick and Michonne GIFs Your Heart DesiresSwoon.
  20. i'd ship that
    Let’s Talk About Rick and Michonne’s Very Big Night on The Walking DeadAt last!
  21. gifs
    Here’s Proof That Michel Gondry’s New Film Is the Michel Gondriest Film EverHis new movie Mood Indigo is packed with so much visual whimsy that we had to show it to you in GIFs.
  22. gifs
    Roam Through Snowpiercer’s Train in GIF FormLike you didn’t want to see this movie enough already.
  23. hips don't lie
    Shakira’s 12 Best Dance Moves in GIFsHips. Don’t. Lie.
  24. replay
    Every Important GIF and Video From the 2014 OscarsIn one convenient place!
  25. oscars 2014
    See Steve McQueen Literally Jump for Joy Over His Best Picture WinSuch happiness.
  26. get you bodied
    The 12 Best Dance Moves From Beyoncé’s New Music VideosSome suggestions for what you should work into your routine.
  27. year in culture 2013
    2013: The Year in GIFsTopical! Hilarious! Looped!
  28. gifs
    Behold, the Power of AHS’s ‘Surprise, Bitch’ GIFAnd you thought you’d seen the last of it.
  29. gifs
    Diggs & Olyphant Went Topless on New Girl, MindyIt was “real man” night on Fox, apparently. And we have the GIFs.
  30. easter eggs
    Here’s Another Breaking Bad Easter Egg From Last Night’s EpisodeWalt and Gus.
  31. gif-cap
    The 7 Most Animal-Filled GIFs From Katy Perry’s ‘Roar’ VideoShe’s got the eye of the tiger. (And a selfie with a monkey.)
  32. vmas 2013
    A GIF Recap of the 2013 MTV Video Music AwardsCue Miley’s tongue.
  33. gifs
    Here Is the Mumford & Sons Music Video in 5 GIFsOld timey whiskey bootleggers, they are surely not.
  34. The Many Faces of Lindsay Lohan in The CanyonsIn GIFs. How else?
  35. bradley cooper's jheri curl
    5 Key GIFs From the American Hustle TrailerIncludes ass-play.
  36. gifs
    Carly Rae Jepsen’s First Pitch Is Not the BestDon’t call her for your draft. Maybe. (No, definitely.)
  37. syfy gifcaps
    Syfy’s Sharknado in Five GIFsThere were sharks in a tornado, FYI.
  38. gifs
    Five Adam Scott & Amy Poehler Hart to Hart GIFsThese two.
  39. vulture lists
    New Girl Season Two’s 15 Best Moments of Physical ComedyWe ranked and GIFed them. What’ll be No. 1? 
  40. his beard isn't too shabby either
    This Week’s Mad Men in One GIF: Stan Flips the BirdStanIsTheBest.gif.
  41. bad language
    The 7 Best Veep GIFs“It’s like using a croissant as a dildo.”
  42. gif guide
    7 Benedict Cumberbatch Star Trek GIFsSome of these are totally mesmerizing.
  43. gifs
    Justin Timberlake’s ‘Mirrors’ Video in 7 GIFsReflections!
  44. gifs
    See GIFs of Justin Timberlake’s Super-Enthusiastic Band, the Tennessee KidsSo much dancing and clapping and smiling.
  45. oscars 2013
    Adele, MVP Laugher Charlize, Renee Zellweger (?), and More Oscar GIFsPlus Quvenzhané Wallis, everyone’s favorite person.
  46. oscars 2013
    Watch Hugh Jackman Try to Rescue Jennifer LawrenceSuch a gentleman.
  47. grammys 2013
    Your Grammy Audience GIFs, Starring Beyoncé, Adele, and MoreNicole Kidman dances like your Aunt Sadie, Beyoncé accidentally evokes Kingpin, and more.
  48. golden globes 2013
    Let’s GIF Daniel Day-Lewis’s E.T. ImpressionHe now phones home over and over and over again at the Globes.
  49. oscars 2013
    Behold GIFs of Oscars’ Best Actor and Actress NomineesAll of their actorly prowess in fifteen ever-repeating frames. Is it any wonder they got nominated?
  50. Visit Instant Cosby, a Site Dedicated to Bill Cosby GifsAnd that’s how you end a work week.
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