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  1. in conversation
    Gilbert Gottfried on Smutty Hollywood Gossip and the Value of Offensive HumorIn conversation with the man who’s been called “the ultimate comedian’s comedian.”
  2. good one podcast
    After a 9/11 Joke Bombed, Gilbert Gottfried Told the Dirtiest Joke in ComedyFrom this week’s Good One podcast.
  3. Getting Personal with Gilbert GottfriedJudd Apatow calls it “hilarious, oddly moving.” Entertainment Weekly says it’s “remarkable, fascinating, totally unexpected.” Even Anthony […]
  4. Bob Zmuda on Gilbert Gottfried’s Podcast Provided a Fascinating Glimpse […] As he will be the first to let you know, Bob Zmuda is a very important man. He is, as he has doggedly chronicled through the decades, the man […]
  5. The Comedy Film School of Gilbert Gottfried Gilbert Gottfried is, fairly or unfairly, generally regarded as a pop cultural footnote. He’s the guy who pops up in bit parts in movies and […]
  6. Check Out the Trailer for Michael Ian Black’s ‘Debate Wars’There’s no doubt, people love to argue. Trump vs Hillary, NYC vs LA, cats vs dogs – everyone’s got an opinion. So who better to settle such […]
  7. Gilbert Gottfried Embraces Podcasting During his almost 40-year career, Gilbert Gottfried has done standup, SNL, sitcoms, movies, roasts, a book, and voiceovers. Just when we’d […]
  8. Weird Al and Gilbert Gottfried Were a Surprisingly Perfect Match on […] Pod-Canon is an ongoing tribute to the greatest individual comedy-related podcast episodes of all time. Gilbert Gottfried doesn’t […]
  9. 100 jokes
    Gilbert Gottfried on His Infamous 9/11 Joke and ‘Too Soon’“I don’t think anyone’s lost an audience bigger than I did at that point.” 
  10. Fighting - or at Least Responding to - War and Terrorism with ComedyWelcome to the latest installment of Tragedy Plus Time. Each segment will focus on a particular ‘life crisis’ — sometimes globally […]
  11. The Return of the ‘Tompkast’, Gilbert Gottfried Drops by ‘WTF’ and MoreThe comedy podcast universe is ever expanding, not unlike the universe universe. We’re here to make it a bit smaller, a bit more manageable. […]
  12. Saturday Night’s Children: Gilbert Gottfried (1980-1981)Saturday Night Live has been home to over a hundred cast members throughout the past 36 years. In our column Saturday Night’s Children, we […]
  13. Comedy Central Names Its Final Roseanne Roasters; Gives One Roaster an […]Comedy Central has added to the list of  Roseanne roasters they released earlier this week. Are you ready? First, Gilbert Gottfried: OK, that […]
  14. 50 shades of grey
    Hear Gilbert Gottfried Read 50 Shades of GreyThere goes your bath!
  15. Gilbert Gottfried on Jokes That May or May Not Have Been Delivered ‘Too […] This video discussion between Gilbert Gottfried and Richard Belzer about whether jokes can be “too soon” is worth checking out if you have the […]
  16. gilbert gottfried
    Watch a Girl Turn Into Gilbert Gottfried in ‘I Didn’t Know I Was Gilbert Gottfried’What’s worse: unknowingly pooping out a baby or becoming Gilbert Gottfried?
  17. Watch a Bizarre, Vintage Comedy Sketch With Gilbert Gottfried and … Camille Grammer?At some point in what looks like the eighties, Gilbert Gottfried filmed a short sketch about having X-ray vision or something?
  18. chat room
    Gilbert Gottfried on His Tsunami Tweets, Masturbation, and Making the First 9/11 JokesQ: If you could make up for your tsunami tweet by taking a Japanese person to lunch and paying for it, would you do it? A: No, it wouldn’t be worth it.
  19. The Hunt for Gilbert Gottfried’s Aflac Replacement Is On, and It’s […] Ever since Gilbert Gottfried was fired from his job as the voice of the Aflac duck, his most prestigious role since Problem Child 2, there’s […]
  20. Gilbert Gottfried: Perpetually Too Soon When Aflac fired Gilbert Gottfried as the voice of it’s spokesduck for making some tasteless jokes about the Japanese tsunami pretty much […]
  21. gilbert gottfried
    Gilbert Gottfried Tweets His Way Out of a JobYes, Gilbert, the Twitter is read by your employers.
  22. quote machine
    Danny Trejo Honored Not to Have to Wear TightsPlus: You want to get close to Justin Bieber?