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  1. the industry
    Amazon Is Making Utopia Series With Gillian FlynnThe author has also signed an overall development deal with Amazon Studios.
  2. party report
    The Widows Cast Is Just As Obsessed With the Dog As You Are“It was a comfort, it was a joy.”
  3. chat room
    Sharp Objects Writer Gillian Flynn on That ‘Gut-wrenching’ Finale Twist“We tried so many versions. There are so many different ways to do that ending.”
  4. adaptations
    How Does the End of Sharp Objects Compare to the Book?The novel and the show soften the story in different places.
  5. books
    Sharp Objects Is the Ultimate Gillian Flynn NovelYears before the HBO show, Flynn’s debut thriller was ugly, gritty, weird, and creepy in the best possible way.
  6. tv review
    Sharp Objects Is So Much More Than a Small-Town Murder MysteryThe HBO mini-series is a psychological exploration of the many ways that society hurts and manipulates women.
  7. chat room
    Being on House of Cards Was One of the Highlights of Patricia Clarkson’s CareerShe also teased some details from the set of the upcoming HBO mini-series Sharp Objects.
  8. casting couch
    Liam Neeson Rumored to Be Viola Davis’s Husband in Steve McQueen’s WidowsThe heist thriller also stars Elizabeth Debicki, Cynthia Erivo, and Michelle Rodriguez.
  9. the industry
    HBO Nabs Amy Adams’s Sharp Objects SeriesThe premium cable channel reportedly won a bidding war with Netflix.
  10. casting couch
    Television Is Finally Cool Enough to Win Back Amy AdamsSharp Objects is being shopped as a TV series.
  11. movie review
    David Fincher Puts Ben Affleck’s Evasiveness to Good Use in Gone GirlThe movie is phenomenally gripping—although it does leave you queasy and uncertain.
  12. deals
    Gone Girl’s Gillian Flynn Signs Two-Book DealOne of those books will be a YA novel.
  13. reading lists
    Summer’s Almost Over, So Read One of These Twelve Books AlreadyYou’ve got a little less than three weeks left until Labor Day. So pick up a book already.
  14. keeping track
    The Vulture Diaries: Gillian Flynn’s Week in Pop-Culture ConsumptionThe author of Gone Girl logs seven days of pop-culture consumption.
  15. ranters and ravers
    ‘Notes from the Underbelly’: We Hate Babies. Also: Jokes.