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  1. where she leads we will follow
    Alexis Bledel Isn’t Too Sure About the Future of Gilmore Girls“I think most of us are just wanting to tell a good story.”
  2. gilmore girls
    What Will the Last Four Words of Gilmore Girls Be?Amy Sherman-Palladino has reportedly known all along.
  3. trailer mix
    The First Trailer for Netflix’s Gilmore Girls Revival Is HereStars Hollow forever.
  4. gilmore girls festival
    Ryan Gosling Was Almost Cast on Gilmore GirlsHe would have had a small role as a football player.
  5. the girls are back in town
    You Will Feel All the Feels Looking at This New Gilmore Girls Set PhotoRIP, Richard Gilmore.
  6. for your perusal
    Read the Gilmore Girls Revival Script First PageStars Hollow, ahoy!
  7. tca 2016
    7 Things We Learned at the Gilmore Girls TCA PanelYou can binge-watch it, but creator Amy Sherman-Palladino isn’t happy about it.
  8. premiere dates
    Gilmore Girls Gets a Thanksgiving Premiere DateOy with the turkey already!
  9. tv professions
    Surprise! Rory Gilmore Is a Teacher NowPutting that Yale education to good use.
  10. everything we know
    Everything We Know About the Gilmore Girls Netflix Revival So Far“Winter” is a popular season.
  11. gilmore girls
    Liza Weil’s Paris Will Be Back on Gilmore GirlsWe’ll always have Paris.
  12. gilmore girls
    Yanic Truesdale’s Michel Is Back for GilmoreThe inn is back in business.
  13. where you lead
    Here’s What Should Happen on the Gilmore Girls RevivalParis and Doyle’s wedding.