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Giovanni Ribisi

  1. movie review
    A Million Little Pieces Turns a Literary Scandal Into a Boring MovieHowever much of James Frey’s rehab saga was true or fudged, Sam and Aaron Taylor-Johnson can’t make the case for why it’s worth adapting.
  2. NYC Stories: Giovanni Ribisi Falls in With a Ferrari Gang from Long IslandSneaky Pete’s Giovanni Ribisi recounts a night out in NYC that turns into an action movie — complete with Long Island dudes, Ferraris, and a death.
  3. Sneaky Pete’s Giovanni Ribisi on the One Rule to Being a Good Con ArtistHe did a lot of research.
  4. chat room
    Giovanni Ribisi On Sneaky Pete, Working With Bryan Cranston, and Friends“I made this promise to myself that I would never do hour-long episodic television for networks.”
  5. 100 jokes
    The Jokes That Get Told Over and Over Again on TV“There are certain classic situations that have been done a million-zillion times.”
  6. season renewals
    Amazon Renews Sneaky Pete for a Second SeasonThe news comes just a week after the series debuted.
  7. last night on late night
    Bryan Cranston, Jessica Biel Do Kanye Soap OperaCreative license abounds.
  8. trailer mix
    Papa Trailer: It’s Ernest Hemingway, Action HeroHe’s got a particular set of gills.
  9. casting couch
    Giovanni Ribisi Joins The Gangster SquadHe’ll act alongside Ryan Gosling.
  10. chat room
    Giovanni Ribisi on Middle Men“The mantra on set was that this movie is about “fuck you, keep up.””
  11. music
    Whoops, the Washington Post Thought Giovanni Ribisi Played in the Roots“Journalism at its finest.” —Questlove.
  12. movies
    Watch the Red Band Trailer for Porn-Pioneer Dramedy Middle MenThe true story of the straightlaced businessman who changed the Internet.
  13. chat room
    Giovanni Ribisi on Being the Only Jerk in AvatarSteven Spielberg liked it as much as he liked ‘Star Wars.’
  14. the industry
    50 Cent and Forest Whitaker to Play Same PersonPlus: romantic-comedy news!
  15. the industry
    Brad Pitt, Matt Damon InterchangablePlus industry news on Justice League, Katherine Heigl, and Avatar.
  16. the industry
    John Goodman Picks ‘Bunyan’Plus industry news about Black Sabbath, Giovanni Ribisi, and more!
  17. the industry
    Mandy Patinkin Goes AWOL From ‘Criminal Minds’Plus industry news on Ben Silverman and NBC, the Weinstein Company’s mob movie, and Jared Leto and Sarah Polley’s new film.